"Sometimes adventure calls and we ignore it. We miss the opportunity for a lifetime of memories. Go ahead, be adventurous" ~Maria Villanueva

July 30, 2010


We have been busy these las few days vacationing.  Here's some pics from the places we've visited so far:

Silverwood Lake, Hesperia California 
I come from a large family, eight siblings, and we all have families. We are all outdoors people.  One of our favorite things to do as a family is go camping.   We spent a lot of time at the lake as well as hiking, biking and singing and dancing around the campfire.

Here's our tent, we love roughing it out.

I just love these rocks:

Below is just one of the three campsites we occupied.

We also visited Port O Call, San Pedro California

 I love the buildings there, I couldn't find the one where my husband (boyfriend at the time) had our pic taken:
 Could it be the one below but transformed???

 I love the brick and windows are beautiful too
Candy stop, this store's owner was a fun and energetic lady in her 60's.  I wish I had a pic of her to post, she was very friendly.

Dexter was being filmed when we visited.  I was able to take these two pics.  I would have taken more pics of the filming, specially when they were acting but we were hungry and were really looking forward to sea food.  He waved at us when we said hello.

Tomorrow we're off to San Diego for a few days to visit relatives, Shamu and a karaoke party!!! The first song I'm going to sing is a pshychedelic rock song titled, Sunshine Superman by Donovan.....why???? 'couse I love that song! so tomorrow at exactly 6pm (Pacific Standard Time), I will be singing that song and dedicating it to all you who take the time to read my wacky posts.  Thank you all, hope you're having a wonderful week.

Here's a link on You Tube


  1. So how far is Silverwood Lake, Hesperia California from where you live - it looks like a wonderful place to visit and go camping.

    The water looks clean and the beaches and no cars!

    Hope you are having lots of fun with your family.



  2. Looks like a great vacation so far! We love camping, and while we are on the West Coast we hope to someday camp along the coast all the way to California. Enjoy the rest of your vacation, and have a great weekend!

  3. Great vacationing spot! That looks like so much fun. I come from a small family and we never did anything like this. ALthough I am a scared-ee cat when it comes to sleeping outdoors :D

    Happy trails!



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