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November 29, 2010

Gift Box Card

I have made gift boxes and I have mande gift cards....but today, I'm making a gift box card! whoa!oh yeah, I've got it going on....well, actually, the idea came from Maya, see it here .  So let's head to the craft room.....

Here's what it will look like:

Here's what you'll need: variety of heavy cardstock (scrapbook paper), scissors, glitter, glue, paper punch with snow flakes (mine is Martha Stewart brand), ruler and a bone folder to fold the paper (or you can just use your fingers).

before I go any further.....I'll have to apologize to my international friends, I'm a Dodo Princess with the metric system so I'll leave the converting  to you.

cut your first piece, this will be the drawer box 8 1/2" X 8 1/5":
notice that my paper is double sided with a mustard color on the other side, that will be the inside of my box:

fold the paper at 1 1/2 inch on all sides, and cut along the four black lines:

glue the cut sides together:
to look like this:
do all sides:
set it aside and now take a piece of paper and glue an extension with glue or double sided tape:
here's my long paper:
this piece is also double sided
you'll need to cut it with the following measurements (15" X5 5/8"):
The dotted lines are the fold lines, it should go over the box, fold at 5 1/4", 1 5/8", 5 1/4"

then glue the ends together:
to look like this: it will be open on both ends for the drawer to pull through
add a strip of paper to strengthen the area where the ribbon will pull through and punch two holes.  This will allow you to pull the drawer out
now, let's make the card that will sit on top: cut your paper at 9 3/4"X 5" and fold in half

notice my paper is double sided but it doesn't have to be:

next, glue this card on top of your box:

add some embellishments:
and a message inside, I added white paper for my message:
place a small gift inside and wah-lah!
you can place an item inside or you can line it with wax paper and fill it with cookies or chocolate!

Hope you're having a fantastic day!

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Check back on Friday December 3-11th 
A friend of mine made a beautiful bracelet for me to give away to a lucky reader.  She also donated an e-book for jewelry making and a few other things, so don't forget to check back.

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November 28, 2010

Microfiction Monday

Susan at Stony River challenges bloggers every Monday with a linky party called,  Microfiction Monday.
She posts a picture and in 140 characters or less, you are to write a story or short poem based on the picture.  I have two stories and a poem to share, I hope you like it.

~I am returning your daughter and the 500 albino bulls you gave me to take her, she's driving me nuts! but I’m keeping the leopard outfit. (137 characters)

~Listen, King Oscar, I'm too sexy for your daughter, 500 albino bulls will not change my mind, unless you have a lion outfit back there? (135 characters)

~Far away in the horizon, the mountains call our names
 and just like a hundred years ago today
 we trade and barter our lives away, away, away
 (138 characters)

Happy Monday Everyone

November 26, 2010

A Pink Card And ATC Swap

What a crazy weekend this has been.  Lots of food, lots of cooking and lots to be grateful for.  Forget all the "things" I own, it's family and friends that make me happy.  I want to dedicate this post to my little sister whom I love, she was brave enough to cook the turkey this year at my mother's house and I love her for doing that. My mother was so happy to sit back and relax since my little sister did all the cooking, way to go Julie.

I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday, a weekly linky party that I like to join as I LOVE all things PINK. I'm also joining Cindy Adkins of Whimsical Musings  for a creative challenge.

This is a tutorial on this cute card I learned to make at the Scrapbooking Expo I went to a few weeks ago.  I love the way it displays.  I don't know what it's called but I guess we can call it "Display Card", why not.
Here's what it looks like all finished:
Isn't that ca-yoot? reminds me of a little pink dress I used to have when a was a little girl and I'm sure I had a little purse to match.....I've ALWAYS loved purses, my husband calls me the bag lady, haha.

What you'll need: scrapbook paper and an image
a paper cutter or scissors and glue or double sided tape
Some embellishments:

First, cut your cardstock to sizes below:

I laid them all out so you can see the pieces and their sizes but you don't have to write the size on them.

The 11" X 4 1/4 piece of cardstock is the base of your card.  You will need to fold this piece like in the picture below at three inches and at five inches: don't mind the piece of cardstock on the right, I know it's a little confusing, I used it to show the measurements of the places where you will fold, it was either that or writing it on the gray mat....and I wasn't about to do that.
You will need to fold the card so that you can place the piece that will display your image, glue the bottom part only:

here's the card folded, the smaller strips of pieces at the base hold the card up. 

The next steps are just layering your pieces as the pictures below show, here's a side view:
and the front again:

 Now, on to my Artist Trading Card (ATC)
 The ATC card I received is from the talented Denisa of Full Of Gold. She made me this beautiful ATC that I just LOVE! I love the colors and the design.  I'm using this one as a book mark, it will be nice to see it every time I open a favorite book.

It's made with fabric and a very soft felt.  She embroidered right on the card! check out the texture on it:

 And the back looks awesome too:

 And this is the card I sent her, it's called "Flowers".  I embossed it with gold copper and green embossing powders.  It's a powder made out of wax that melts when you heat it.  I used a vase paper punch and four small flowers.  

If you'd like to see more ATC cards, or, if you'd like to join in on the ATC swaps , head over to Blissfull ATC Swap .

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend with family and friends, thanks for hanging out with me.  Come back soon!

November 19, 2010

Thank You!

Lynn over at The Vintage Nest has a Thanksgiving linky party.  Also, Beverly at How Sweet The Sound is hosting her Pink Saturday linky party and I'm participating in both! I'm quite the party girl, haha.

Everybody sing with me....put your hands up in the air, the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! let's call the firemen to put the fire out!  we need water Mr. Fireman, water! wooo-hoooo!

I know, I know, I changed the lyrics, had to once I had kids.  I had to make it PG rated....I like the PG version better anyway, I'm not much of a sailor mouth.

On to my Thank You post:

This is a very special post as it relates to my gratitude to everyone around me in the real world as well as all the friendships I've developed in blogland.  Both my husband and I have amazing families and a lot of very kind and generous friends.  I wish you all lots of blessings, joy and peace and thank you for being my friend.

Thanks For Being You

November 18, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Cards

It's getting to be that time of year when we look for Holiday cards to send to our family and friends and neighbors.  I don't anticipate having time to make my own cards this year, I've got my hands full with other projects.  I decided to research card companies and visit their websites to see what was available.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that a company called Shutterfly.com has the most amazing Holiday cards available. 

They have hundreds to choose from.  Designs and colors that will fit your personality and most importantly, your wallet.  Navigating through their website is easy and uploading your pictures is a breeze.  They walk you through the process step by step.  They even have photo editing where you can enhance your pictures for things like getting rid of red eyes.  You can even create products like photo albums and calendars.  It's all within a mouse click away at very reasonable prices.

I want my Holiday cards to be memorable and I fell in love with quite a few:
They have Cards and Stationery 

They have beautiful Christmas Cards:
They even have Christmas/Holiday Party Invitations:
They have cute Christmas Gift Tags too:
 And let's not forget the Address Labels, afterall, some relatives are only getting a card for the Holidays, so might as well make it very special:
They use premium cardstock on their products and they customize everything for you. 

I actually have some relatives who's birthdays fall around the Holiday season and Shutterfly carries Birthday cards too!

Have fun doing your Holiday shopping!


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