"Sometimes adventure calls and we ignore it. We miss the opportunity for a lifetime of memories. Go ahead, be adventurous" ~Maria Villanueva

February 25, 2012

How many times this week have you been so nervous that your palms got sweaty, your heart was pumping, you felt hot, you felt cold and your head was up in the clouds?

I love the feeling of being nervous, it makes me feel **ALIVE**.  Today I participated in a flashmob.....you read that right, a flashmob!  What a way to get a nervous high, right? nothing like dancing in front of a whole bunch of unsuspecting strangers who are wondering what is going on.   The idea is to blend into the crowd and wait for the perfect moment to start dancing with a group of people in unison.  It comes as a total surprise to bystanders who are left to wonder what's happening.  The excitement quickly spreads and people can't believe what they see but are happy that they are there to witness it.  Once it's all over, all dancers scatter once again into the crowd and are gone before anyone figures out what just happened.

For me, it was exciting, exhilarating, nerve wracking and I'm looking forward to doing it again.  (I'm the lady wearing the black hat, gray t-shirt and sunglasses).  The group I was dancing with is the award winning, dance group called Poreotics Dance Crew, a very popular and well known all male dance crew in Orange County and throughout the Los Angeles area.  Today, for the first time, I'm sharing a video on this blog, hope you like it! The second and third video are ones I found on YouTube that were taken the same day by other people.  There must have been at least twenty random people filming it, I'm sure there'll be others posted on YouTube.

The Setting:
Downtown Disney ~ Anaheim

Februray 25, 2012

The Theme:
Alice In Wonderland, Mad Hatter


 YouTube Link

YouTube Link

YouTube Link

February 15, 2012

Santa Cecilia Orchestra

Hello Bloggers, welcome!

For today's post I'm going to share with you a little piece of heaven located right here in Los Angeles, California.  And I'll do it in two languages, WOWZERS!

I'm bilingual and my second language is Spanish.....Surprise!.   While I speak Spanish really well, writing it is a whole different can of worms.  I'll try my very best and hope not to offend anyone (blushing).

Hola! Bienvenidos a mi blog!
Hoy les contare de un pedacito del cielo aqui en Los Angeles, California.  Y hoy escribire en dos idiomas, que barbara! Soy bilingue y mi segundo idioma es Espanol.  El Espanol lo hablo sin problemas pero para escribirlo? nel pastel, ahi cambia totalmente el panorama. Pero lo hare lo mas vien que pueda y perdon por lo mal escrito, espero no ofender.  

If you have been reading my posts, you know that I'm a lover of classical music.  Music from genius composers like; Brahms, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Wagner, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, to name a few, just fills my spirit with magic.  It takes me to the highest cloud and wraps me in an endless wondrous trance giving me enormous pleasure.

Si han estado leyendo mis publicaciones, usted sabra que amo la musica clasica.  Musica de compositores genios como; Brahms, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Wagner,  Haydn, Tchaikovsky, para nombrar algunos, me llenan el espiritu de magia.  Me llevan a la nuve mas alta y me envuelven en un trance sin fin dandome enorme placer.  
I was recently contacted by a representative from the Santa Cecilia Orchestra and asked to attend one of their concertos and write a review.  I was so excited, this was right up my alley, how did they know I love classical music? hhhmmm??

Recientemente me invitaron a un concierto de la Orquesta Santa Cecilia.  Estaba tan feliz con la invitacion, como se dieron cuenta que amo la musica clasica? hhhmmmm?? 

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend on the night of the show.  However, I was happy that I had found out about Santa Cecilia Orchestra because I had not heard of them before.  I did a little research and decided to spread the news.  I cannot wait to attend their concerts and get to know them a little better.

Desafortunadamente, no podia asistir la noche de la presentacion.  Pero estaba contenta con solo de escuchar de la Orquesta Santa Cecilia por primera ves.   Despues de buscar mas informacion sobre la Orquesta, decidi promover la noticia.

The Santa Cecilia Orchestra was founded in 1992.  They have an educational and outreach program called, Discovering Music. The program has reached over 40,000 students in over 35 different schools.  They have free violin lessons and a mentorship program.  What a great way to give back to the community, I truly admire them for that.

La Orchesta Santa Cecilia comenzo en 1992.  Ofrecen un programa educativo para alcanzar a estudiantes que se llama, Descubriendo Musica.  El programa ha alcanzado a mas de 40,000 estudiantes en mas de 35 escuelas diferentes.  Tanbien ofrecen lecciones gratis de violin y tienen un programa de tutoria para estudiantes.  Que gran manera de invertir en el futuro de la comunidad.  Los admiro y respeto por esa inversion. 

If you would like to know more about them and check out their calendar, here's their website:

Santa Cecilia Orchestra .

Haga clic en el enlace de arriva si desea visitar a la Orquesta Santa Cecilia y informarce de conciertos en el calendario.

 Thanks for coming by, hope you have a magical day!

Gracias por visitar mi blog, espero que tengan un dia magico!

February 13, 2012

A Valentine Table

This week is Valentine's day, a day made just for love and romance. I hear people say all the time that they don't celebrate it because love should be celebrated everyday. While I agree with the last statement, I don't agree that this special day should not be celebrated and recognized as a day for love and romance.

Maybe it's because I'm a hopeless romantic and a rebel without a cause, you mix those two and you get someone who's very passionate about life.  Valentine's day is very important to me, It's a day to tell the people you love how special they are to you.

I've been married for fifteen years to a wonderful man who inspires me and brings out the best in me.  He's funny, courageous, handsome, smart and I love him like a crazy woman.  The night I met him I felt like the world had stopped spinning and I had finally met my match.  Before I knew it, I was crazy in love with him and there was nothing I could do but marry him so I could love him the rest of my life. 

Before I get all mushy smoochy, I'll move on to today's post.....        
  For today's post I want to share with you my Valentine's day table. 

I'm showcasing my newest creation a Beauty And The Beast Inspired rose inside a glass cloche.  You can find the tutorial for this easy to make and under four dollar glass cloche here
 The dishes are Martha Stewart 

 The flatware is from CSN Stores

Thanks for coming by.  I hope you liked my table. I will also be sharing it with Susan at Between Naps On The Porch

I leave you with two of my all time favorite quotes:

"Love makes the wildest spirit tame, and the tamest spirit wild"
~ Alexis Delp

"Si tou ne m'aimes pas, je t'aime, si je taime, prends garde a toi"
 ~La Habanera (Bizet ~Carmen)

February 09, 2012

I was gone for a few months from Blogland and now that I'm back I'm having to re-learn Blogger all over again.  Seriously Google, I don't have time for all this confusion.  Did ya haveta change everything?!

I also found out that Google Friend Connect will soon be eliminated! GOOD ONE GOOGLE! Not only that but I also got a message that I'm at 93% capacity...what ever that means....what? is my Blog going to explode when I reach 100% capacity??? Go ahead, make my day.

I don't know exactly how that's going to work but if you want to be sure to get my posts I encourage you to do one of the following:

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These links are on my sidebar to the right.  I don't want to lose any of the blogs I follow so I'll come over to your blog and do the same, just leave me a note below if I'm not already following via any other way besides Google Friend Connect.  And if you know what is going on, please tell me, send me an email or comment below...I'm totally lost! 

Today I want to share two mini albums I made that my very creative friend, Cheryl Shoats, designed. The first one is a Gone With The Wind mini album. She used a variety of papers inspired by the movie.  The images are from the internet:

on the next page, she made a little set of folders you can stick tags or small pictures inside:

The next mini album is The Wizard Of Oz.  This is such a cute little album, I can't wait to put my pictures inside.  Cheryl used Graphics 45 paper, you can find it at Simon Says Stamp: LINK

 I like this little tri-fold surprise:

I had a lot of fun making these albums and I cannot wait to put pictures inside.

February 06, 2012

Beauty and the Beast Inspired

Hello bloggers, welcome to my creative blog.  Today I got very creative in my craft room after watching my all time favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast.  I love everything about the movie, the characters in the enchanted castle, the songs, the story, but most of all I love Belle's character.  She's smart, pretty, strong, loving, caring and kind.  Not to mention she has the most courageous Prince of all.

Here's the final project:
You will need to visit your dollar tree store to purchase the glass vase and cigarette glass tray.  The whole project will cost about three dollars!
You will need gold acrylic paint, about .33 cents at Michael's arts and crafts store and E6000 an all purpose clear glue, also at Michael's or Lowes and a fabric rose from the dollar tree store:
you will also need a small wood ball, like the one on the right, also from Michael's.  You will need to paint it with the gold acrylic paint like the one on the left:

Place the rose inside the vase and cut to size.  Spread some E6000 glue around the edge of the vase with a Q-Tip and place inside the glass cigarette tray.  Then glue the wooden ball on top and you're done! it's that easy.  Let the glue dry for a couple of hours.

here it is one more time:
and here it is next to my Lumiere, one of the characters in the movie:

Thanks for zooming by, I hope you liked this little project. Come back again for more Beauty and the Beast projects coming soon.

February 03, 2012

Once Upon A Time.....


It was the sound of birds singing that awoke her that summer morning.  The same sweet sound that had awakened her every day when she was just a little girl.  Long forgotten memories of those familiar sounds are now coming back to her as she slowly reaches for her white lacy robe.  She gently combs her long silver hair that has kept her company her whole life.  In fact, she can’t ever remember it being shorter than her mid back, and boy was she ever so proud of that.  The birds singing in the background as she gets dressed have now become a distant sound.  Sometimes she forgets she hears them at all.  She didn’t know it right then but that summer morning would be the last day she would hear them sing.  

Distant Memories take over her thoughts...........

She was eight years old as she jumped out of bed rushing to get ready for school.  She was like a little hummingbird fluttering about her morning.  As she ate her breakfast she could hear the sounds, the sounds of birds singing all around her. And there, sitting at the table in her favorite pink little dress, her feet barely reaching the floor, she could hear nothing but the birds.  

As a young eight year old, she didn't know it then that for the majority of her life she would try to replace those soothing sounds.  She tried replacing them with boy’s attention when she was a young lady.  As she got older, she tried replacing them with a career other girls would envy.  She tried replacing them with a car, a house, a diamond ring but nothing ever soothed her heart long enough for her to appreciate it.  She had reached all her dreams and still felt a part of her was empty.  Then one day, several years later, a pivotal event occurred.  While walking in the park she heard the sounds of birds singing and she realized instantly that it was the birds!  

She bought yellow birds, white birds red birds and all sorts of birds and a large cage to put them all in.  Life was finally beginning to make sense.  The birds filled that empty  space she had been trying to fill with the wrong things.  The sweet sound of birds singing  gave her the inner peace she needed to find meaning in her life.   

But now, decades later, sitting at the breakfast table looking out the window, she doesn’t notice the cage.  Dressed in her pale blue dress that highlights her silver hair, she barely hears them sing. 

~sharing this story with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound LINK

February 01, 2012

Cool Things To Do In Los Angeles

Bonni Reid is coming to town and she's bringing some cool paintings with her.   

You can check out her awesome work starting this weekend at:
La Luz De Jesus gallery 
4633 Hollywood Blvd 
Los Angeles California.

Check out this link and scroll down  for a preview:   http://www.laluzdejesus.com/shows/2012/Reid/Reid2012.htm

"Cartes de Visite"
February 3 - 26, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday, February 3rd; 8-11 PM
Cartes de Visite: Noun, French. 1. Small photographs, traditionally mounted on card stock, for mailing and trading purposes. Used during the Victorian era.

"Having a professional career in creating Saturday morning cartoons, I wanted to break from this candy-coated world in order to depict another side of childhood, one that is much darker, haunting or just plain weird -- to evoke a time before we child-proofed everything. By utilizing old photographs of family, friends and found images, this collection portrays the alter ego that resides in all of us -- the real inner child which isn't always what we as adults want it to be." – Bonni Reid

Bonni Reid lives in the West End of Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work has appeared in various galleries throughout North America. Aside from brewing her own visual concoctions, she is an illustrator, graphic designer and an animation colour designer.

Contact the Gallery Director for availability and purchase info: 
(323) 666-7667

Cartes de Visite Oil on hardboard 9" x 12"


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