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July 09, 2010

My Sacred Space

Today I'm joining Cindy from I Owe It All To Him
for her "Sanctuary" Linky invitation.  This will definitely be at the top of my list of  my favorite linky parties.  It's a time to share our "Sanctuary".  This is where we get to share our most meaningful place.  A place where your prayers are said and a place where you go to find comfort.

My Sacred space is the place in my home where time seems to stand still. 

This is the place where we begin our mornings with prayer and where my Husband and I have serious and private conversations.   
This is where we prayed for a dear couple we love, who lost their baby unexpectedly and is now an Angel above.  This is the place we talk to our kids of long past relatives, like their great grandparents they never got to hug or kiss.
This is where my husband gave me the sad news that our long time friends were getting divorced.  This is also the place where I found comfort when a dear friend of mine called me one day to say that a monster had taken her nine year old's innocence away, and the many tearful conversations that followed.  Including the day we were finally able to breathe, as she told me the monster was taken and locked away where he couldn't hurt any more children.  

It's the place my husband and I hugged when our neighbor died of cancer, much too young. It's also the place where I made homemade gifts and packaged movie videos, books, and a wig to deliver to another very close friend who was going through chemo therapy.  And also the place where we prayed when we found out she was cancer free. 

Through all this we prayed at this very place.

This is also the place where many "interesting" things happened.  The day my friend's son and my two boys wanted to experiment to see what would happened if they shook a two litter bottle of grape soda.  With curiosity, they opened the bottle and suddenly it was raining purple soda inside my kitchen.  My walls, table and floor turned purple.  The three boys decided, on their own, never to do this again when they found themselves wiping everything down.  But, given that I love Prince, the Purple Rain was pretty cool to experience at least once in my lifetime.  

This is also a family gathering place.  It's where the women in our families and female friends gather to chop chiles and tomatoes for the salsas we make during family festivities.

It's a spiritual place as well as a learning place.  Our boys work on homework and my husband and I tutor them at this very place.  It's a place where we pass on to our boys our family traditions and values.  It's where we wrote our Family Mission Statement and remind each other of it every day.  It's the safe place we retrieve to during earthquake drills, and the place I found my little son under the table during an earthquake on July 29th 2008.

The walls are very special, they hold our memories in pictures.  Every month I switch out the photos on the wall.  Photos I place there are family and friend's gatherings, outings, vacations, etc.  Today I have photos that were taken at Disneyland.  The boys decided they wanted to try out for the Jedi Academy.  

You would look like this if you had to fight Darth Vader too:


May God's force be with you.

Vaya con Dios.

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  1. The thing about sacred is that is best when it is everyday. Just as you proved in this post.

  2. Hi Maria, this is wonderful, Not only is it YOUR place, but it's the place your family connects and shares life! I love how you and your husband pray together, so many couples don't take advantage of this priviledge,
    so nice to meet you,

  3. Oh Maria,
    This was such a beautiful posting....The stories are amazing...and I think for so many of us, the place where we gather with family IS our spiritual place....What a moving story you posted here...and I love "May God's Force be with You"--this whole thing was amazing!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration! And I just have to mention one more thing--you made me homesick for California where I can get tamales, because I don't get those in New Orleans.
    Have a blessed day...you are such a blessing.

  4. Wow Maria! So nice to meet you and what a beautiful post. I am thrilled that you stopped over to my blog so I could find you. Simply a beautiful inspirational place to just "live" life to the fullest!

  5. What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing!
    Have a good evening~

  6. I enjoyed my vist at your kitchen table, and how you handle all your problems in prayer there. Thank you for sharing, Margaret

  7. Maria, what a blessing it was to read your posting today. How blessed you are to have that special spot with so many memories that you share with your family. Just reading of how you and your husband pray for others encourages me. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Before I even started reading your post, I thought was a lovely space. thank you for sharing

  9. Maria, I'm dropping by from Pink Saturday, and I loved seeing where you worship! That is a blessed spot for sure.

    Hope you are having a super weekend.

    Vaya Con Dios, Mi Amiga!


    Sheila :-)

  10. What a beautiful post. You do have a very sacred place there at the table, sharing good times and not so good times with family and friends and with God. This was very touching.

  11. The kitching table is a wonderful place to share and be comforted by your family. I think that families that gather around the table are the strongest of all.

    God Bless!!

  12. great post. What a special place that must be for your family. God Bless

  13. I love the idea about switching out the memory photos. A fun thing to do. You have a lot of memories at that table. We tend to sit all over our home and talk all over it. I shared something that inspires me on my linky (because the blogger who is doing the linky told me to ;-) share it). But places that inspire me would vary. My Church is a very special place and it always inspires me to walk with Christ. My devotional spot in the home is such a place. My laundry room/porch is a place that speaks to me too because I can sit there and look out at our garden areas and watch the birds and squirrels. Hiking in the mountains and near streams always are inspirational. ...the ocean too. Visting online with my oldest son is always spiritually uplifting......so many places really.

  14. I loved reading this. It made me wonder where my space is, and I think I'm with you. It's the kitchen table. :)

  15. This is a lovely post...it really is your special place! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments!



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