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August 12, 2011

A True Story and a Key Charm

First off, thank you all who have been linking back to my projects, I see them all over the place.  Also, a special thanks to my email subscribers, I appreciate the love.
This is a true story, as experienced by a close friend.  I had a conversation with a close friend yesterday that left me a little shaken.  He has had a bit of bad luck this year.  He lost his job, lost his house, had developed unexplained health problems and had been unable to get back on his feet.  I'll have to change his name to keep him anonymous, let's call him Roman.
One day, a couple of weeks ago, Roman decided to go to a "curandero", a witch doctor, yes, you read that right, a witch doctor!!!!.  How on earth did he find a witch doctor? you ask, well, there's practically one in every corner in East Los Angeles.  The creepier the outside of their establishment looks, the better experienced they are....just saying, in case you're ever in need of one, you'll know what to look for.  No need to thank me.   

This witch doctor then went on to tell Roman that he had been cursed!...(why am I not surprised)...he had been cursed not once or twice but three times!!! not only that, but the witch doctor alluded to the name of the actual person who cursed him! now that is some scary stuff.   What if the witch doctor's calculations were wrong and the initials, he claimed to see, were wrong.  My friend Roman has such a kind heart that he was willing to give that person the benefit of the doubt, but for now, the curses must go away.  All three of them.

Roman listened to every instruction given by the witch doctor and followed them carefully, which included; placing an egg in every room of his apartment, meditating in each room while facing east, placing a black  feather underneath his pillow .....I'm still wondering what the egg will do???any suggestions??

During that evening, Roman felt a presence throughout his apartment and may have even gotten a glimpse of a dark shadow when he was in the shower.  The following day the witch doctor performed a ceremonial cleansing with oils, fire, water and other earthy materials, along with a ceremonial chant that included the initials of the perpetrator.  All this while Roman lay half naked on a cold, wet, slimy table.....yes this is how Roman described it to me.....I know, I know, it sounds a bit out of this world.  Although Roman is quite the joker, he was not joking this time.  He was as serious as a banker...... wait, bailout.........okay, okay, maybe as serious as a pilot flying high with serious engine problems. I started to believe him at this point.  I mean, I've had my share of supernatural experiences.  While laying on the table face down, Roman could hear voices coming from the walls in all directions.  At one point, he felt someone or something press his body down with force onto the table and whispering in his ear.     

Since that "cleansing", Roman has gotten multiple calls for interviews.  He's health has returned to normal and he is able to get a good night's sleep, every night, unlike before.  

Now I ask you, do you believe in witchcraft or witch doctors or curses???? do you have a similar experience? I'd like to know what you think, leave me a comment below.

This is what I made for my friend, Roman, a good luck charm to go on his key chain:
This is a sacred heart that will keep him safe anywhere he goes.

You'll need one of those plastic salad to go boxes that have a 6 inside the recycle triangle.  It has to have a 6, otherwise it won't work:
you'll also need these supplies from an arts and crafts store: a Staz On ink pad and a rubber stamp:
also, a craft heat tool, scissors and a whole punch:

 Stamp your image on the plastic:
 cut your image and leave room to punch a large whole on top, this is so you can hang it later.  I'm showing it next to a penny so you can get an idea of the size as compared to when it's shrunk with the heat tool.  Also, you can paint it at this stage with Sharpies or alcohol inks, but if you do, be careful because the color will be very intense:
next, take your heat tool and heat in a circular motion.  It will shrivel up like this but don't worry, it straightens out by itself:
it will end up looking like this:

 put it on a key chain and it's all done!

Thanks for coming by, hope you all have a great weekend. 

Play in the warmth of the Sun, Dance in the light of the Moon, Sing like no one is watching. 

August 07, 2011

Easy Candle Makeover

I just got back from an after-wedding-party. It was an all nighter and love was certainly in the air. Not just for the bride and groom but for everyone who attended. There was a feeling of a new day for all guests and a renewed sense of love. I guess this is why, all of a sudden, I feel so poetic. I just want to sit and write or read poetry. It's always amazing to me how a single poem can move you emotionally in a way that you don't expect it.  One of my favorite poems is by Edgar Allen Poe, Annabel Lee. I love the thought that you can love someone for ever...."in a kingdom by the sea". Death is no barrier for love and life is our freedom to love. 
Do you have a favorite poem? have you ever been inspired to write a poem?  let me know in the comments below.

Now on to today's fun craft.  I transformed this plain candle with a little embossing powder, love that stuff. Here's the plain candle:
here's what you'll need: candle, scissors, heat craft tool (a blow drier won't work)
a pigment ink pad or versa mark pad, embossing power, velum paper or parchment paper, and tissue paper (the one you use inside gift bags), you also need a rubber stamp (not pictured)
first, stamp your rubber stamp image on your tissue paper and add the embossing powder, lift the paper to slide embossing powder off :
Take your heat tool and wave it around the image in a circular motion until it melts:
cut around your image and place on your candle.

Wrap velum or parchment paper, holding your embossed image close to the candle:
wave your heat tool over the image through the parchment paper to heat a few seconds at a time to melt the wax.  It will absorb the tissue paper as it melts and will give a "wet" appearance when it's done:
 immediately, peel parchment paper off or velum, what ever you decided to use and wah-lah! a beautiful candle:

Thank you for coming by and visiting.  Happy Summer Of Love to All!

August 02, 2011

Paper Bag Album

I'm back!! Thank you all for your emails while I was gone.  I've been away from my computer enjoying the sun and everything else Summer has to offer.  I wasn't planning on being gone this long and I miss all my bloggie friends!!


I've been busy lately, taking card making classes to learn new techniques and I'm really excited with all the things I've learned so far, I cannot wait to post tutorials.

I've also been spending more time with my Crafty Friends and wait 'till you see what they've come up with.  Misty Grosse, my most awesomest and creative crafty friend, got all the girls together last Sunday for a potluck and she showed us how to make a recipe paper bag album inspired by Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon.  She makes the most awesome albums out of ordinary paper bags.  I'm not kidding when I say AWESOME!!! --- thou wilt not believe thy eyes!!  

Here's the link of her tutorial that shows you exactly how to make this fabulous album:
Kathy Orta Paper Bag Tutorial
Misty re-created this album to hold recipes in a Hawaiian theme and then taught us all how to make it.  It can hold at least 50 recipes, if not more.  It's got pockets EVERYWHERE!

here's the front:
 and the inside pages, every single page has a pocket:
funny how I didn't notice the sandal all wonky when I took the picture
Since it was also a pot luck, we all brought a dish to share with everyone.  Robbie, one of the ladies, made this delicious turkey salad.  You have got to make this for yourself, super delicious!!
look at the "bite", how cute is that! it was done with a scallop paper punch

besides all these little pockets everywhere, you can store recipes inside the paper bags

I just love this little album, can't wait to make some more.  At first I was going to give it to my sister (I hope she doesn't read this) but then I decided to keep it pour moi, para mi, for me.  Wouldn't they be cool Christmas gifts??? and I definitely have to make one for Halloween!!
Hope you're having a cool Summer!!


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