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July 15, 2010

UPDATE:To My Fellow Bloggers "My Blog Friends"

Cindy of I Owe It All To Him  is hosting a new linky party.  You post about your favorite bible verse and share it with other bloggers.

I wasn't sure if I would participate since I have not opened the bible in years.....seriously, over ten years.  But, after reading her post today, I thought I'd do a little experiment.  Just like Cindy did (as she explains in her blog, when she first started blogging), I opened the bible and pointed at what ever verse was on the page and I would write a post about it.

Wah-lah! this is what was under my finger:

"Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn"
Romans 12:15 New King James Version

This can be applied with the friendships you have, people with whom you spend time with day to day and enjoy their company.  But, I'd like to apply it to all you bloggers in blogland.

I have visited your blogs and read your posts and have "rejoiced" in the good news you post.  You have made me smile, laugh and giggle out of control.  I have gotten very excited to hear the good news you share.

A craft project you're excited about, a family vacation, an exciting find at a yard sale, a one of a kind craft idea, your very first video post, your very first linky party, your very first giveaway, the day you reached your one hundredth follower, an item you recently purchased and you're excited to share with us.

Through all this, I have posted many comments............ to express the joy I share with you.

Just as there are many happy posts, there are the countless sad ones that touch my heart. 

Like a special needs child just two days ago fell in a pool and is now in the hospital fighting for her life, or the young couple who were out on a date, just last week.  They went missing for a few days only to be found by a fireman a few days later on the side of the road, next to their crash motorcycle.  Their bodies were lifeless, both leaving behind grieving children and many questions.

Or the post I read about a fellow blogger who is having a hard time recovering from the loss of a friend's child.  Or the wife who spends hours blogging about her husband's terminal illness.  Or the young and pretty blogger who recently posted a very sad message about her shortcomings happening in her life right now that brought a tear to my eye.  Or the young and sweet lady who is going through depression and blogs about her experiences.

I have posted many comments.........to express the sadness I share with you.      

God Bless

Update: Friday July 16th 7:30PM

Thank You all for your wonderful comments and your prayers for these families.

I was asked to include the links to my stories above as some of you wanted to visit them, here are just a few, copy and paste on your browser:






  1. Oh my gosh, Maria,
    This is unreal...I LOVE your post...it is so moving...and means so much! And I LOVE that verse...amazing! (I do that thing if friends call me with a problem too in order to see what an answer is for them.)

    AND, your picture is gorgeous...Tonight my daughter emailed me some pics and I'm thinking I might post one on my blog...

    You are SUCH a gifted writer...wow, girl, you're amazing..it brought me to tears...so touching and so true and so many people reach out to others on the internet....
    Sending smiles and hugs...

  2. This is such a sweet post. thanks for sharing.

  3. In a way, blogesphere show us how resamble all the human beings are, don't you think?
    As is a blind encounter you just see what is human, you don't see the differences that take to descrimination.
    I like that. It put the human before everything.
    It's very star trek (allways think that series was way beyond her time).

  4. I loved reading this, Maria. Thanks for writing it.

    Have I ever told you that you look just like two of my cousins? If you were all in the same room, you'd look like sisters.

  5. Thanks so much for the mention. You should add the links for each of those, this is the type of thing I would click to go visit those and see about each one.


  6. Hi Maria, it is amazing that we picked the same verse, and applied it to friendship! It's so very nice to meet you, I'm now your newest follower as well.

    Have A Wonderful Day!!!!!
    xoxo Nancy

  7. Thanks Cheri, that's a great idea. I'll work on it this weekend.

  8. So true, we need to be there for our friends, laughing, crying, hugging and praying with them. Thanks for the reminder :)

  9. BTW....Love your calendar in the side bar....too cool!!

  10. Maria, your post has really touched me. Whether you realize it or not, what you are doing with your comments is expressing agape love, the God kind of love, to those who are rejoicing and to those who are mourning. Thanks for your wonderful post.

  11. Oh Maria,,your post just brought tears to my eyes girl..this was so beautiful..and I thought how absolutely SO cool,,,that you would open up God's Word and He would bring your eyes a scripture that someone else shared...I LOVE LOVE how EVEN when we haven't 'sought' Him out, He HAS and IS always waiting for us...He is just SO AMAZING...


    Blessings and wonderful to 'meet' you.

  12. Great verse. Sometimes I feel bad about crying when I am sharing something sad with others, but why should we when it is so Biblical! REally! I think too, as you have pointed out, blogging is so helpful for--we share in others lives, praying for them as we read something, rejoicing with them etc. Thanks.

  13. Hi Maria,
    I am so happy you stopped by. It gave me a chance to come visit you and I'm touched by what you have shared. It is wonderful how you 'rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.' The Bible tells us to do that and you are sharing God's kind of love; His agape love. Thank you for your lovely post and please come back and see me again soon. Wishing you a wonderful day.


  14. Maria,

    I'm so glad the Lord has put us together!! We are soooo alike. Our blogging stations even look similar. lol

    I'm so excited that you picked up that bible today! I picked mine up this a.m. and the Lord showed me Ephesians 6:1-4 and gave me inspiration to have both my boys find it, write it down and let them know the project we'll work on together before Dad gets home from work that will help them show respect, work ethic and appreciation and love. I'm gonna join the party. TFS

  15. Beautifully written! The blog world can be a wonderfully supportive community for sure. Speaking of supportive comments . . . I soo appreciate you stopping by Fireflies and Jellybeans to say hi and comment on my guest post. That was really kind of you!

  16. Beautiful post! Thanks for visiting me today and your kind comments, I have been working my way through all the wonderful posts, but when you left a comment, I decided to come visit you next.
    Hugs, Margaret

  17. Hello Maria, I'm happy that you blew off the dust and found a wonderful scripture that suits you so well. :D You are such a lovely, sharing person, and I always appreciate your comments and your posts because they show your concern for so many things. May you continue in the Word and continue being the beautiful you. :D Your friend Eve

  18. Marie, well said. I think your visit to the Bible was extremely fruitful. olive♥

  19. You display the connectedness that occurs in the blog world that nonbloggers can't understand.

  20. Maria, (oh i have to say its weird saying that since thats my name too. LOL)

    This is such a wonderful post! I saw your comment on mine and my sisters blog, on my sister Alea's post. You are so sweet, the comments you made and encouragement you gave. And to add her on here si so wonderful of you.

    Thats a great verse.. and what a unique way to put it to use, here in blog land. Im very touched by that! :) Just had to stop by and let you know. Youre such a sweet person! God Bless, and I hope this helps you crack open the bible more often.. I know I too need to read it a lot more than I do. So thanks for the reminder.

    God Bless
    ~Maria (Agape Love Designs & 4 Way Stop)

  21. Great post, that you for sharing.

  22. Hi Maria,
    If you've got a chance, please go to my blog...I want you to see something...hugs, Cindy

  23. Just thought I would write a comment to let you know I stopped by and am reading your blogs. Thanks for mentioning me and for the encouragements. Really sweet of you to comment on my blogs and thanks for the prayers. :)

  24. As with people, the words on posts also find me rejoicing or mourning with them. I'm always thankful for an encouraging word from a friend or stranger in blogland...

  25. Hi Maria,
    I wanted to tell you that I created a Bible marker that is on my blog for everyone to copy and keep (make as many copies as you want!) And I am hoping that you will read my new post called "A Very Special Thank You."

  26. I was just meditating on this verse this week! Glad you came across it and I hope you will grow in the knowledge of Him.

  27. Hi Maria~
    I stopped by to say hello and to say thank you for stopping my place. What a lovely post you shared.

  28. Lovely blog, lovely person. Sandie



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