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April 09, 2010

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Happy Pink Saturday!! I made these cute flower napkin holders and decided to include them in this post. They brighten up the table and are very easy to make. You can coordinate the flower and colors you use with your tablecoth, which reminds me, I'm also going to blog about my favorite webstore for table linens.

Here are the supplies you need: Felt, decorative scissors, or pinking shears, silk flowers, hot glue gun, hair rubberbands, and napkin rings. I bought my rings at Target but you can make your own napkin rings by following a tutorial by Laura at Along For The Ride. Laura came up with a really fun and easy idea to make napkin rings, recycling your paper rolls, that will cost pennies to make.

First, pull off the silk flower and cut the tip off as much as you can cut off.

Next, cut a circle off of the felt, squeeze a dot of hot glue and place flower on top.

Now do the same to the other side of the felt

Take the rubberband in a matching color and extend it by placing it between the two flowers, there's no need to glue down the rubberband, the flowers will hold it in place.

Now, extend the rubberband to go over the ring

And, that's it! pretty easy and it looks beautiful!

Today I also wanted to show you April Cornell's beautiful table linens. I came accross these linens through Bill at Affordable Accoutrements where you'll find plenty of inspiration for setting your own table in special occasions.

Are these table settings not the most beautiful!!! thank goodness I'm in the blogging because I may not have heard of April Cornell otherwise. And can I just say, she is the nicest person. I have not met her in person only throgh email but you'll sure receive excellent customer service. I've linked up the pictures above in case you want to go and see for yourself. You can find her Spring Collection Here. Bill is showing off the Strawberry Linen Collection, if you visit his blog, you will be amazed at what he did, you can see that here.

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  1. Those are beautiful napkin rings. I love the flowers you chose. Thanks for including a link to my post!!

  2. Hi Maria! Am I your first follower?! Well, nice to meet you! Love your napkin rings, and have been wanting to make some "one of these days".. Reading back a few posts, I loved the diva stamp too! So CUTE!!.. I forgot to sign up in time for Pink Saturday this week, so hopefully I'll post for it next week. Happy Pink Saturday to you, and have a great weekend! ~tina

  3. Such pretty napkin rings, I need to make some. Thanks for the detailed explantion and pictures. Now I'm going to check out all the links you posted. Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Hi Maria
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Your napkin ring is beautiful, the pink flower is perfect.
    Happy Pink Saturday & have a great weekend.

  5. What a fiendishly clever idea those napkin rings are! And I love your cupcakes too.

    Happy Pink Saturday, and thanks for visiting!

  6. delightful napkin rings! so pretty and cheerful! Thanks so very much for the comment you left on my pretty man-hanky story! poor Daddy! Have a fun weekend!

  7. Great crafting idea! :)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Greetings from Munich,

  8. I will make these ,so pretty, Very nice blog I will be back Laura Q

  9. Maria, I just love the napkin holders you made! So very pretty!
    Happy Pinks Saturday,

  10. Hi Maria...
    Thank you for your visit and sweet comments.. I love your napkin ring,thank you so much for the how to. I have to get out for awhile Monday for awhile,and after seeing these,I intend to pick up supplies to make some for myself.
    I've become a follower..at least I tried to.Do you have it on private settings?
    Happy Pinks to you..hope you have a great week.

  11. I knew I wasn't crafty before, but you make me look even worse! How cute are all those things?!?!? Thanks for stopping by my blog...stop again soon! I'm following you!


  12. those napkin rings are SOOO cute! I love those!

  13. Love your napkin rings! They would make a great gift.

  14. Maria,
    Great tutorial! Love them! Thanks for sharing these pretty napkin rings and joining the Craftaholics Anonymous party!



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