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April 24, 2012

Quick And Beautiful Gift That's Easy To Make

Hello Bloggers!
For today's project I'm sharing a quick and easy way to make a beautiful gift for a friend that anyone can make.  This gift can be personalized to your friend's taste.  In my case, my friend is a scrapbooker and card maker and I know how much she loves to use ribbon in her work so I've decided to use ribbon on my gift to her. 

This is what the end result will look like:

This is all you'll need: a glass vase and candle stick from the Dollar Tree Store or from a Goodwill store, some Gorilla Glue from the hardware store.
You can also add some rhinestones.  The ones pictured were purchased at Michael's Arts and Crafts store and they are adhesive backed.

Using the Gorilla glue, glue the vase onto the candle stick, add the rhinestones, let the glue dry for about four hours or overnight. 

fill it with what ever items your friend might like.  I filled mine with ribbon, lace and buttons:
I'm sure my friend is gonna love it and I can't wait to give it to her.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time. 


  1. Do you think these up by yourself - that was really cute. sandie

  2. you're wright: it's really easy but such beautiful result!!



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