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April 13, 2012

Cinderella Inspired Home Decor

Hello Bloggers! I cherish the moments I have to sit down and blog about what I'm doing and what I've been up to in my crafty little world.  I wear so many hats throughout the day but my crafty hat is my most favorite.  I've been studying for an exam all day today but decided to take a break to make something creative. 

I love Disneyland, we all do right? and I spend quite of bit of time there, it's like my second home.  I find inspiration all around me when I'm there and today's little craft is inspired by Cinderella.  It would make a great gift for someone who might be too old to play with dolls but who still loves the enchanting and romantic story.  I'm definitely in that category.  When I'm at Disneyland, I feel like a different person.  I'm not a 40 year old soccer mom from Los Angeles, oh no, NEVER!.  At Disneyland, I'm in a state of carefree, life is whimsical, anything is possible and everything is magical trance.  The entire time I'm there I have a smile from ear to ear.  And I'm talking my own ears, I'm talking Mickey ears that I wear on top of my head!

Here's the piece we are creating today, isn't it gorgeous?
I recently made a Rose inside a vase inspired by Beauty and The Beast, click HERE for link to tutorial.

For the Cinderella shoe, you will need: hot glue gun, white tacky glue, lace ribbon, paper flowers, two old CD's, scrapbook paper, large round paper punch or use a glass to make a template (place glass on top of paper and with a pencil, trace out the bottom of the glass onto the paper)

You will also need: clear plastic shoes.  I found these at Michael's Arts and Crafts Store.  They are the Quinceanera brand.  I think I paid around six dollars for a box of twelve.
And these cute little crowns also at Micheal's:

The first thing you'll do is place your scrapbook paper that you cut out in a circle and glue it on top of the CD:
Turn the CD around and with the hot glue gun, glue the lacey ribbon all around:

Next, using your hot glue gun again, place the second CD on top sandwiching the lace between the two CD's.
I decided to glue a clock cut out from Tim Hotlz dies to the bottom of my piece marking the midnight hour.  She was lucky, she got to stay out 'till midnight, I on the other hand, had to be home by eight when I was a young girl.  But that's okay, I still managed to find a husband, hahaha:
here's Tim Holtz Alterations die: you can find it at Simon Says Stamp
lastly, you hot glue everything else on top of the CD: the crown, a jewel, flowers and the shoe
you can leave it as is
or, for a different look, place it on top of a candle stick with E6000

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time!



  1. Beautiful work Maria!

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Okay I don't know where I would put it - but it is just beautiful! I love it. sandie

  3. Loved the picture of you and Mickey Maria!! There is something special indeed about Disnyeland!

    This is so cute with Cinderella! I can see it being used as a theme for a bridal shower for table displays or something; so very nicely done!!

    I hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself amongst so many other things!


  4. good luck for your exam!
    love the lace detail!

  5. What a great idea. I have been wondering what to do with all of the old CD's that I have saved. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Hey, this Cinderella inspired home décor is so cute to see. I am going to get married but I still love Cinderella and want to use this theme for my DIY wedding party. I would be booking one of the local New York wedding venues and have gathered many décor inspirations from Pinterest.



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