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April 03, 2011

Miniature Book Pendant

Here's a nice passage my brother sent to me today.  I don't know who the author is but it's very fitting considering what transpired recently.  I had to let a friend know that her actions led me to believe she no longer valued my friendship.  If she did not value my friendship, then there was no friendship at all.
No apology or excuse could ever undo what has been done.  She was a close friend for several years so naturally my feelings were hurt.  But nothing that an hour chat with my best friend couldn't fix, thank goodness for BFF's, right?  I don't want to bore you with the details but I wanted to share the passage with you:

"There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, 
who never did, who won't anymore, and who always will.  
So don't worry about people from your past 
there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future"

Isn't that a great passage? it kind of puts things in perspective.  Have you ever had to let a friend go for doing you wrong? or have you yourself been told your friendship is no longer welcomed? I want to hear all about it, leave me a comment below.

On to my regular post, a miniature book pendant.

 Is that not the cutest little book pendant?

Guess what! I'm in the mood to give three of these cuties away.  Be one of the first three to leave me your friend-less story in the comments below this post and I'll send one your way. 

I saw these pendants for sale at the library gift shop and, of course, I had to make my own.  Besides, they were selling them for $30 dollars!!! I KNOW!!! if I wanted to give a few away, it would cost me a little fortune.  Luckily, they are very easy to make and will cost an average of  a dollar or two provided that you have most of the supplies on hand.
To see a tutorial on how to make this cute pendant, go here.


  1. Oooh me. I once had a "friend" who was part of a baby-sitting round robin. 3 couples were all supposed to switch off watching the kids one weekend, so the two others could go out. After her kids got watched for two weekends, she "quit" before her turn! Some friend!

  2. very nice pendant Maria! so sorry about you and your friend's friendship, I hope the relationship might be salvaged down the road?

    I had a dear friend when I lived in Montana, we were close, I even got to see her second child born in the delivery room, sadly, I moved, we tried to stay connected but I could see with her busy life, confirmed after we visited last year, that it was time to let the friendship go, as sad as it was for me......


  3. My best female friend for 12 years has been a woman who suffers from BPD. We've had our "break ups" as we call them, but I was MOH in her wedding last June and we've managed to work things out, usually. She's currently pregnant with her 3rd child, and I remember from the other two she can get a tad...insane. However, passive aggressive FB posts, texts like "Thanks for nothing!" and "You know what you did so I'm not going to discuss it." are so immature that I've decided not to bother repairing the friendship at all. It sucks. I still pick up the phone several times a day to call her, but, as much as I understand her issues, I have no desire to be part of them.

    *Hugs* I know the feeling hun. Hang in there.

  4. Hi Maria,
    Your pendant is amazing!!! And I'm so sorry with what happened with your friend...and the longer I live, I realize that people come in and out of our lives and that sometimes people appear when they are supposed to and if they move out of our sphere, there is always someone wonderful coming!

  5. Dear Maria,
    I am so sorry you had to be hurt but we learn a lot when we go through an experience like that...you stood up for the value of what friendship is and you both had two totally different opinions.
    Blessed is the peacemaker and you did not get angry or mean about your decision but made it clear what your feelings were..
    I had a friend...who befriended me only to get just enough information and spread false truths to keep the pot boiling on a situation very painful to me... I think when we have trouble with a person we turn to the Lord for wisdom and then not draw other people into the situation. Now it is different if you have a bff...it is not easy for me to trust any more. because as big as the blog world seems, it is really quite small and some people thrive on drama and trouble.
    I hope it all works out for you and I can and have forgiven in my situation, but it will never ever be again.
    hugs and more hugs sweet friend
    I love your necklace
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  6. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. At my age I have learned to let things go. AS the saying goes "you can please some of the people some of the time. You can't please all of the people all of the time." Life is too short. If my friends don't want to place nice. I have others who will.

  7. Those are seriously cute!! And what a lot of detail work!!

  8. Thank you ladies, we have our three winners, yay! I will contact you.

  9. Great tutorial Maria!

  10. I think we can all learn from all our stories, please keep them coming.

  11. I'm sorry about your friend, but it sounds like you did the best thing for you. I'm also sorry I wasn't one of the first three to comment! Those necklaces are darling!

    I have let friendships go. Once, it was her choice. I pointed out the negative consequences of something she was doing, and she didn't appreciate it. Another time, it was because this friend didn't really like my husband and I was tired of her pointing out his flaws. He's a good man, and she was getting really mean. I miss the first friend. Not the second. :)

  12. The necklace is very pretty - hard to even imagine you can make these.

    I am sorry that your friend hurt you. (HUG)


  13. That is such a pretty pendant!!! Love it, I hope I win one next time. Friends who hurt you---Lets just say that I have had friends, family and husband who have broke my trust. Friend...I thought we were BFF and found out she was chatting on the phone with my husband in her spare time!!! What....anyways, we havent been friends for many years. Oh and thats my ex husband. Sorry it happened to you and hope you have a nice week. Hugs, Kim

  14. I like that quote, I've come across it many times before. There are lots of people that didn't make it into my present, and I'm sure there will be more that don't make it into my future. It's hard sometimes but there is always a reason for it, even if we don't know what that reason is at the time.

    I love love your little book pendant! I'm going to have to make a couple!

  15. this is amazing! I love it!
    I wish i lived near you so i could haunt the library and maybe come across this awesome gift!
    have a good night:)

  16. the pendant is so amazing! Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us!
    I'm sorry for your friendship's trouble. I supose we all been there, people come and go in our lives but, I decided, in one point of my life, that if a 'friend' has troubles and allways hurts me because of that well, than I don't want and I don't need that kind of friend, I have to let it go.

  17. Saddly, this is part of having relationships with people. I have actually never been close enough to a person to have them hurt me for most of my life. It has only been over the last ten years that I have developed a handful of deep friendships and I know if I did something to hurt them, I would be devastated (and vice versa). Of course, my best friend is my husband and we have had our share of hurts over the years but we can't let each other go so we just keep working it out. I know time will make your situation better but the important thing is to forgive your friend, at least in your heart. It may take a while to forgive her personally, and you may never have the opportunity or desire to do so, but holding on to any hurt feelings will just eat you up. Thanks for sharing. Of course your books are so lovely, too.



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