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March 15, 2011

Coffee Anyone?

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you have a friend who loves coffee? well, if the answer is yes, you are going to love this card.

I learned to make this from a craft book, I can't reference which one since I have a gazillion crafty books.  It's very easy to make and has a great effect. 

Before I  get into my card, I want to share a quick story about my son.  He is eight years old and he is as curious about life as any other child his age.  He stayed home from school today due to a little illness and I decided to take him for ice cream.  As we were driving to the ice cream place he asked me, "mom do you want to know what I hate about my life?" as I heard the question, I wondered if he was about to share an interesting philosophical view about life that I may have missed out on when I was his age, so I listened intently, "yep" I said, "tell me".  "It's that I keep seeing trash trucks everywhere, they are everywhere I go! what are they trying to tell me?".  As I pondered on the fact that I didn't miss out on life altering knowledge in my youth I quickly said, "they are trying to tell you that your room is dirty and you need to clean it" to which he replied, "haha mom, that's a good one!"..........BOYS!

On to my card.  This is what it will look like:
 and here's what you'll need:
scrapbook paper, rubber stamps
 ground coffee, double sided tape, scissors
 a craft heat tool (a hair blow dryer will not work)
 a Versa Mark stamping pad and an Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel
 First, cut your paper according to the size you want your card:
 The paper in the middle is going to be a tag, just cut a rectangle and cut the corners, this becomes a tag.
 stamp your rubber stamp images on your paper.  I'm using colored pencils to color in the picture of the stamped image.
 next, mix your coffee with some embossing enamel, about 50/50.
Next, cut out a hole with a hole punch and add some ribbon or cording through the hole

 Take your Versa Mark pad and stamp all over your tag, like so:

 next, add your mixture of embossing enamel and coffee:

Next, use your heat tool to heat up your tag and activate the enamel:

When you are done, it will look like this:
it totally smells like coffee, mmmm!
Next, embellish and place inside your card:

and that's a finished card that smells delicious!


  1. What an awesome idea! And I love your story today, too.

  2. Maria your son sounds so cute and smart and what a great answer!

    And those tags are so pretty. You are one talented crafter.


  3. interesting for using coffee with making the card! it turned out great though!!

    too cute with your son; always love to hear what they come up with; so full of curiousity and energy too! hope he feels better soon!


  4. oh my...since I am a coffee addict I will have to try this crafty smelly technique...way to cool

  5. Oh gosh, Maria,
    This is just too darn cute--I LOVE it!!!

  6. Your son is just so cute and I bet that card does smell great. Have a Happy St Patrick's Day.

  7. Wou Maria! THIS IS AWESOME! I can even smell it! Congrats, this DIY project is SPECTACULAR!!! XoXo :)

  8. Oh, no way! What a fun idea. I have to try this. I love the stories you tell about you and your family. Thanks for sharing this great "phylisophical" moment you had with your son. It's priceless!



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