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January 19, 2011

Paper Bag Recipe Book

Hello readers, thanks so much for coming by.  I have a new paperbag book to show you.  This one was designed by my crafty friend, Misty Grosse.  I don't have a link to Misty's blog because it's under construction, hopefully it will be up and running soon.  You're gonna love her paper crafts, she's a pro and she comes up with the cutest projects.

We made these recipe books last week when a few of us got together.  This is a little different than the one I created a few months ago, you can see that one here.   Along with putting the recipe book together, we also had a potluck.  There was soooo much food there since all fourteen ladies brought a dish.  We had everything from a tasty Peruvian Chicken Rice to a delicious Avocado Dessert Pie to an amazing Chicken Stroganoff.  I shared my Tres Leches cake with them, you can see that recipe here and I'm happy to say I got thumbs up reviews.

Along with the potluck dish, each lady brought five recipes to share with everyone else......doing the math.... I ended up with over 60 crazy-licious recipes!!.   I will share these recipes with you throughout the year.  I'll bet you're still thinking of that Avocado Dessert Pie! let me just tell you, it's delicious! if you make it, your friends are not going to believe that the main ingredient is avocado.  They are going to think that you don't want to share the recipe and you only said avocado because that's the first thing that came to your mind..... hehe, funny.

On to the recipe book:
Misty used the cricut machine, "From My Kitchen" cartridge, to cut out all the shapes and words
check out this tri-fold page with recipe cards:
and this is the back :
The paper clips are used to hold the recipe cards while we're cooking, cool idea!
And this is where my 60 recipes are stored, inside each paper bag:
I hope this gives you ideas for a recipe book.  Hope you have a great day.

The following message is for Betty, her blog just disappeared.  
Hope all is well my dear friend, I miss your posts and Corgi.


  1. Are you able to get all recipes in that bad boy? Its TOO cute! I love the trifold and the owls :)
    following now:)
    Cruised over from Thrilling Thursday :)

  2. oh this is amazing..ve been wanting to make a recipe book or box or binder for the longest time..tried making recipe cards on photoshop and i ant yet happy with the results lol..its beautiful,really creative and amazing!!!thanks for the inspiration!
    oh n ur blog background is precious!

  3. Woow... what a great idea, beautiful!!!
    Greetings and kisses.

  4. That is just the cutest thing. Sounds like you all had a fun time.

  5. Its such a cool recipe book, tri fold pages are just amazing!

  6. I Love this!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I am your newest follower as well.

    I can totally relate about the boys! They can be so distracting, LOL!
    Renee@ Shabby-Chic-Charming@blogspot.com

  7. Betty is moving and she'll be back soon.

    Anyway this is an excellent idea and I am going to keep it in mind - when you have to run a women's group or soemthing. Great idea. sandie

  8. That is so cool! And CUTE! I've never seen a paper bag book before.

    My recipes are such a mess.

  9. Wow-that book is amazing! Can I make one-time and energy may prohibit me... LOL!

  10. This is the cutest thing. I will have to try this.

  11. What a cute project! I love paper bag albums!

    I keep seeing all these neat projects using Cricut cutouts...I may have to look into getting one. Those kitchen cutouts are just too cute!



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