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January 20, 2011

Are you a Craftaholic?

Do you suffer from uncontrollable shakes when you see an arts and crafts store and when you step inside the store, do your eyes widen like that of a child at Disneyland?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night only to find that you fell asleep on your craft table (again) and now you have to go wash that glitter off your cheeks?

Have you stopped socializing with your non-crafty friends and find yourself idolizing the crafty ones?

Are your fingers petrified when you reach for the glue gun?

Do you kiss your sewing machine when you start to work on a project or officially named it and you are too ashamed to admit it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, -you-are-a-craftaholic- and once you admit that, you can move on and keep crafting people!!

I will have a fun giveaway on Friday Jan 21st around nine-ish in the morning (USA, Los Angeles, California Time) you don't want to miss it.


  1. by the way, just for the record, I throw kisses at my Sergio, ahm serger. I don't actually kiss it .......actually. The same goes with my Lovie, ahm, sewing machine....actually.....

  2. Well I think I am heading there! LOL

  3. #3, definitely! #1, yeah. My eyes do widen, and my heart beats faster!
    A giveaway! Cool. I'll check back.

  4. Yeah definitely:)))
    Kisses and greetings.

  5. So funny! My answers are secrets :)

  6. I could be there but hubby holds me back. He's the jealous type...lol...

  7. My name is Karen and I am a Craftoholic hahahahaha!!!! Great post Maria xxx



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