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June 17, 2010

Felt Flower

I have been wanting to make those pretty felt flowers that you see at Michael's and I finally had some me time today. I got some felt and some pretty sheer fabric from Joann's and a chocolate cream pie from Walmart, oh sooo good! I was a happy girl. How could anything go wrong when your eating a chocolate cream pie??? The day before I went into labor from my second child, I ate a whole two tier ten inch chocolate cake! It was as if it was the most important thing I had to do that day, eat an entire cake!!

I don't know when it was that I got "hooked" on chocolate. Was it when that cute boy with blue eyes, in fifth grade, shared a chocolate with me? was it when a tall dark and handsome man (who later became my husband) gave me a box of chocolates when I graduated from college? or could it be that I was predisposed to love chocolate when over a century ago my great great grandparent's family business was making chocolate?

back to the flower.....sorry, I could write a book about my experiences with chocolate.

First, you'll need some pretty fabric, sheer would be nice if you have any.

Then you'll need some beads

You will also need a die cutting machine, like the Sizzix machine, mine is pretty old.  I bought it seven years ago and I've really put it to good use.  It's such a sturdy machine, I don't think I'll be upgrading any time soon.  If you are looking for one, I'd suggest you try ebay, the prices are incredible since new machines have came out. 

And finally the flower cartreges

If you don't have a cutting machine, make yourself a few templates of flowers at different sizes and cut your fabric with your templates.  Make felt flowers and soft fabric and sheer fabric flowers so you can layer them.  After you have your flowers, begin layering them and gather them by sewing a bead or button to sew together the layers.  Here are my flowers: I layered felt with sheer fabric and used beads and button to secure the layers in place.  Check out the cute lady bugs, double click on the picture below so you can see it better.  You can find these cute lady bug beads at Oriental Trading

Once you have the flowers, you can use them on your head band:
 or you can use them on your winter gloves or beanie

or you can wear it as a necklace
or you can sew them on your t-shirt...fashionista...ye ne se qua! (sorry for the blurry photos, hubby wasn't around to take the pictures, hey, at least I smiled lol, it's that chocolate I tell 'ya.  It makes me pretty)

 Oh my goodness, I look just like my mom in this picture.  I'll have to post some pics of her so you can see how much I look like her.  Makes me feel special, out of four girls, I'm the only one that looks like her.

But I decided to use them on gift labels: soooo pretty
This is how they look in a gift card:

how pretty is that!!
To make this card go here

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  1. Love the beanie with the flower on it! Too cute and fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment--it makes my weekend bright and happy--like your flowers :)

  2. Those turned out so cute! I've been promising my daughter that I'd make her some of these. The lady bug beads are a darling finishing touch.

    I look like my mom, too. :)

  3. These flowers are adorable. My little 6 yr. old granddaughter is very girly and she would love these. Do you make them just for fun or do you sell them?
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. LOL, we are ALL like our mothers in our pictures in our later years, sugar! ;-)

    I make flowers from coffee filters and just adore doing them. We have much in common, chickee.


  5. Hi Maria--So HAPPY you came to visit me!!! LOVE your flowers--how darling!!! You have such a wonderful personality and it even comes across in your blog--how fun!!! And super creative too!
    Cindy Adkins

  6. Love em! I also have a sizzix, the original. Finding the cartridges isnt easy. I want the poppy flower one! It would make these a whole lot easier.

  7. These are so very pretty. I really like how the flowers look on your shirt :D

  8. I love those and been trying to figure out how to make those. Thanks for sharing which die. I am a newbie.



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