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February 14, 2011

Easy Mini Album Tutorial

So glad it's the start of a new week.  Last Friday started out pretty bad but thank goodness for my crafty friends, they made me realize how funny it all really was and by the time I was having dinner with them, I actually laughed about it too.

You see, it all started when I decided to go to Michael's Moskatells near my job, downtown Los Angeles.  It's a very large arts and crafts store.  After my little shopping excursion, I decided I wanted to have lunch at KooKooRoos,  and for some unknown reason, I took a bus to 7th and Figueroa.....even though KooKooRoos is not on 7th and Fig.  I was so certain it was there when I boarded the bus that, needless to say, once I got there and KooKooRoos was no where in sight, I was very disapointed.

I hopped  back on the bus to head back to work.  Once I got back to work my phone was ringing like crazy and my email inbox was overflowing.   While I worked through the phone calls and messages and a few other things, I thought about how I could have forgotten the location of my favorite restaurant.  What made me take the bus and go to the wrong location????

As it got time to go home, I gathered my things and I thought about how it must be old age.  This happens to people over forty and now I'm officially over forty.  It was bound to happen, at least it wasn't something big, like forgetting the kids at the grocery store or forgetting to drop them off at school.  Taking the bus to the wrong location was just a little mistake, right?

I continued walking.....destination- home.  I walked past the guards and took the elevator.  I started to pick up the pace, after all, it was Friday, the start of a fun weekend.   I took the bus down to the train station, something I do EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Around quitting time, EVERYONE is in a hurry.  People rush past trying to get home.  As soon as I got off the bus I heard the train coming.  I rushed past all the off loading passengers, I rushed past the sweet lady carrying a million bags, I rushed past the train tracks and quickly ran into the train which was nano seconds away from taking off.  Woo-hoo I made it!.....lookout weekend, here I come!....I sat happily in my favorite seat looking out a large window.  I do this every day, twice a day.  In the morning to get to work and in the afternoon to get home.
As I sat in the train, I could hear the engineer announce each stop along the way, like he always does.  On the third stop I realized how much I loved riding the train.  I looked out the window and saw unhappy people stuck in endless traffic, meanwhile, I was sitting nice and comfortable in my seat.  No traffic to worry about....no delays.... As I looked at all the unhappy people, who were stuck in traffic, I thought, "wow, I guess I like riding the train so much that I don't even remember my ride this morning.  Funny 'couse I always remember.....every day I remember".  And yes, it hit me like a ton of bricks with freezing cold water thereafter.  The reason why I couldn't remember riding the train that morning was because I DROVE MY CAR TO WORK!!!!

It's a good thing my dear friends saw the humor in it and snapped me out of my misery.....now I laugh hysterically about my absent minded Friday!

Has something like this ever happened to you? are you still upset about it or can you laugh about it now?

On to my Easy Mini Album:

All you need is a 12" by 12" inch double sided paper.  You can find it at a scrapbooking store like Joann's or Michael's.  A pair of scissors, glue and a piece of ribbon.

Here's the finished mini album:
First, fold the paper in half, make a sharp fold with your fingers then fold in half again.  Next, lay the paper down once again with the first fold so that it lays like below, notice the fold in the center.  Am I making sense? I feel like I'm thinking in Spanish, translating to English via Japanese. 
Fold each end toward the fold you made in the center, press down to make a sharp crease:
here's another view from a different angle:

Now, unfold the whole thing and fold in the sides like so, these two folds will act as pockets for each page:
Next, cut the paper like so, leaving the top part uncut:
Now the folding begins.  Start from the bottom and accordion fold like so:
When you get to the end, turn the paper over and fold down:
Still with me? glue the center part to look like this: the page sticking out towards the front is the one that got glued to it's back counterpart:
notice the pockets below:

Lastly, embellish your album, I added a clip art and some ribbon to tie together. Here's the back of the album, the back does not have pockets:

and the front of the album:

Hope you liked it and it inspires you to try it.


  1. Hi Maria,
    Oh my gosh--I can't believe that happened to you! You probably have so much on your mind that your brain was on overload.

    Your album and tutorial is adorable!!! I have a similar type of one that will be posted in a month or so (I did it for Shabby Cottage Studio with their images--really fun!)

    I hope you had a beautiful Valentine's Day!!!

  2. Loved, loved, loved your story! I blame it on modern life. We run around doing so many things that sooner or later even a basic thing like remembering how we got to work escapes us! You are not alone!

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not alone there Maria...it is getting worse for me as I get older! At least you can laugh about it. Your mini albums are cute though:) XO

  4. LOL, I cannot mention how many times things like that has happened to me as well, I actually went through a whole day at work, when someone asked me why I has slippers on in a meeting. Love your tutorial too : )

  5. Oh my gosh, "has something like this happened to me?", you ask? Absolutely!.. But I have to agree with Maria, doing and thinking so many things! I'm TERRIBLE at keeping it all organized, and so it is no surprise to me when I forget things, no matter how big! (0; Wishing you a belated but very Happy Valentine's Day! Love your mini album! ~tina

  6. Oh my gosh! that story is too funny! I have a similar one.. when I was pregnant I drove to work everyday.. in the morning I would get off the highway go through a town and get back on the highway.. but on the way home.. I NEVER got off the highway. For months I couldn't figure out why I did this one way but not the other.. then my husband pointed it out to me one day as we drove to work together and I asked why he wasn't getting off.. Uh.. I was soo embarassed but I laugh about it now! BTW LOVE, love, love the mini album.. the dress for the cover is sooo adorable.. Thanks for sharing with my Pink Hippo Party!

  7. Fantastic story - so well told! I think it's a sign of a full/busy life, not just age!
    And thanks for the great tutorial as well.
    rinda (the other Maria)

  8. Hilarious story. Good think I'm alone or my family would think my laughing out loud strange.

    Awesome tutorial and album. Oh to have time to make all the things I wish. This would be a neat card for a baby shower--must just have to try it.

  9. Haha, great story. And great tutorial! I want to try this!

  10. I can believe it happened to you - I do the same thing. We rush and rush to get things done - don't we? Beautiful cover!


  11. Yes, I do things like that all the time. Yesterday I caught myself putting the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge. I was glad no one saw me, because I was embarrassed enough by myself! At least you can laugh about it. :) No one was hurt. (and no milk was spoiled.)

    Your little book is adorable! It looks like just the right size to keep receipts in.

  12. Great story! Thanks for sharing so we can all remember to laugh at ourselves more. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming my newest follower!

  13. I love your story! It could happen to me!!! lol
    For example, yesterday (valentine's day) as we couldn't do a dinner out me and my husband decided to lunch together (we usually don't, we only meet at the end of the day). So we decided the restaurant, and I left work, get in my car, rush to the center of the city, parked, pay the park, and walk to my destination. As I was getting there my husband calls me and ask where I was. when I explain he says to me: what are you doing there? the restaurant is a 1 km of distance from there! I had mix the streets!
    my husband wait for me 20 minutes under the rain!

    By the way, your mini album is amazing and your tutorial is fantastic! Thank you!

  14. Great story! Your book is so cute!

  15. Sounds like you need to slow down-we all try to do too much sometimes! I love the mini album and your tutorial is perfect to follow.

  16. Oh my goosh, that could so happen to me!!! Sorry it happened to you though. So glad you had friends to cheer you & that you can laugh about it now. Both sure help me!!!

    Love the mini album craft! Hope you're having a Great week!!! ~ Coreen xoxoxo

  17. that album is so cute! don't know where you get the time to do it all Maria,workng, crafts, family, etc. Loved your story about the absent minded Friday; I think we all have days/times like that, we get side tracked or are tired, etc, like me running into the garage door frame. (which I can laugh about now, LOL :)

    thanks for the welcome back!


  18. I am always amaze of how you artsy people describe things so easy. I just do not have that talent. Thanks for sharing yours.


  19. Affter your train story, the mini album is so easy. That is such a funny story. I would imagine it would be easy to do when you are used to commuting by public transport. The days seem endless and you get busy. Thanks for sharing.

  20. thats too funny!!!!
    wow, i love the album,, you are so good at this!!!

  21. Hi Maria! I love this album soo much.. that I featured it on my blog @ http://pinkapotamus.blogspot.com/2011/02/pink-hippo-party-17.html ! Hope you stop by and grab a featured button!

  22. Hi Maria love the album and the story, wait til your 66, it's a daily occurrence beleive me!!! I just became your newest follower! xx



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