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December 02, 2010


Hello and Welcome! if this is your first time here, I'm glad you stopped by and get ready for a Holiday treat.
I'd like give a special welcome to all the Pink Ladies from Beverly's How Sweet The Sound

This week Bubblegum And Duct Tape is giving away some beautiful prizes that will kick start the Holiday cheer.  By joining in on the fun, you may win some of the awesome prizes below for yourself or to give as a gift to someone special. 

This Giveaway ends December 11th, 2010

Here are the Prize Giveaways:

Prize #1 Charm Bracelet hand made by Wanda Epps
Size Medium
Made of sterling silver, except the charms, which are made of lead-free pewter and enamel.

Prize #2 Pink Bracelet hand made by Me! (with Wanda's help of course)
Made with silver wire, the beads are made of glass
Size Small

Prize #3 Making Wire Jewelry Tutorial E-Book

Prize #4 Hand Made "Boyfriend Album"

This is a paper bag album that is so popular these days.  It has hidden pockets where you can store boyfriend photos I used very high quality paper that is acid free so it's safe for your photos.  You can see the full album here Boyfriend Album .  This would be a fun gift this Holiday Season

Wouldn't  you love to receive these in your mail? The charm bracelet was hand-made by my very special friend, Wanda Epps.  Wanda is a jewelry artist who will never miss the opportunity to teach someone how to make jewelry.  She knows all the tricks of the trade and the latest in new techniques.  Lucky for us, she loves passing along her knowledge.  She has the most awesome website full of information with tutorials, videos and e-books.  She has offered to answer any jewelry questions you may have by visiting this link: Ask Wanda
Hi, I'm Wanda Epps jewelry designer and jewelry making instructor.   Making beaded jewelry is my passion.  I'm originally from the South in the USA, the state of Virginia. Living in a rural area, I enjoyed a childhood romping and roaming open fields and woods, playing with many relatives and neighborhood kids.  Years later, after college, I moved to California where I now live.
I guess you could say that the hobby found me.  While looking through the newspaper one day, I noticed a coupon to attend a bead show in Santa Monica, California.  I decided to attend and was hooked! I've since become addicted to buying beads, going to bead shows and making jewelry.
Now for the RULES.......
I know, rules are for nerds but if we don't have rules, things will get out of hand so I guess we'll all be nerds for a few days.  Now where are my yellow suspenders (snort).

Rule #1  You will be given a point when you leave a comment for each Action you follow below.  Actions A through E are worth one point each, so you would leave a separate comment for each Action A-E .  Action F is worth five points, so you would leave five separate comments for Action F.

Rule #2 Please leave one comment for each Action (except for action F, where you'll need to leave 5 comments).  Only comments submitted to this post will be accepted. Blogger will automatically assign a number for each of your comments.  I will use the numbers assigned to your comments to make my Random selections for the winners by using Random.Org a random number generator service. 

Rule #3 The giveaway runs through December 11th 2010 and a day after, December 12, 2010, I will use Random.org to generate four numbers and I will post them on the 12th to reveal the winners. The first number it generates will be for the 4th prize, the second number it generates will be for the 3rd price and on down to the 1st Prize.

Rule #4 I will add all four winner's blog buttons or links on my side bar for the remainder of December (ps, that means free advertising for your blog). 

Rule #5 Since I'm using Random.org, it is possible for one person to win more than one prize.

Now, on to the Actions

Please leave all comments on this post for each action below


Leave me a general comment and you'll instantly get a point (1 per person).

To accumulate more points, you can do the following Actions:

A through E are worth one point, please leave a separate comment for each Action you do.  You do not have to do all, just the ones you feel comfortable with.

A) Subscribe to Making Beaded Jewelry   (that's http://www.making-beaded-jewelry.com) in RSS feed, then come back and leave me a comment on this post.

B) Post link to Making Beaded Jewelry (that's http://www.making-beaded-jewelry.com) in Facebook then come back and leave me a comment that you posted in Facebook.

C) "Like" Bubblegum and Duct Tape Fan Page and come back and leave me a comment (if you are already a fan, leave a comment below and tell me that you are following on Bubblegum and Ducttape Facebook Fan Page.  You must leave a comment on this post in order for your point to count.

D) Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, then come back and leave me a comment with a link to your Tweet.

E) Take my button (from my side bar) and post it on your blog for the duration of the giveaway, then come back and post a comment with a link, letting me know you have the Bubblegum and Duct Tape button.

The last action is worth 5 points.  Please be sure to leave five separate comments for Action F below:
F) Post about this giveaway on your blog, then come back and leave me the link in the comment section. Remember to leave me five comments on this post for this Action.



  1. it looks like a fabulous giveaway, Maria! I'm not on Facebook or Twitter and I don't post about giveaways on my blog, but I wish everyone who enters lots of luck!


  2. Great giveaway. If I can get my link function working, I'll definitely do E (my computer is dying, and I've got a new one on the way).

  3. Wow, those are some rules! I am just going to say your bracelets are fabulsou and I'd love to be entered in the giveaway but I'm not sure if leaving one comment counts as a point or not. If so, thanks!

    Have a super PINK SATURDAY and congrats on being featured!


  4. Hi Maria, I am a new follower of your blog but not sure if that's worth a point. No matter, I love boosting our Pinkies whenever I can. Your jewelry is lovely and Wanda is part of a dying breed. Most people won't share so give her a big hug for me. I don't bead but my daughter does. I will pass Wandas info along. Best of luck on the giveaway & Happy PS!
    Licks & Wags, Niki

  5. wow! crossing my fingers!!!!


  6. Hello Maria, I am happy to meet you today. Your giveaways are awesome and I will come back to enter the several actions. Right now I am in Florida on my dtr's computer.

    Happy Pink Saturday, you have a lovely blog.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  7. I have become a follower, on BG&DT

  8. Just shared about Making Beaded Jewelry on my facebook page.

  9. Ok, signed up for the RSS feed, but will bookmark too, is what I use most. That is 3 for me.
    All the gifts are great. Thank you. Happy PS.

  10. Pretty jewelry, Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs, marilou

  11. Beautiful bracelets! Happy PS!

  12. I am stopping by from Beverly's blog at how sweet the sound. Happy Pink Saturday! Your givaways are lovely!

  13. Happy Pink Saturday!! I'm a new follower :O)

    The bracelets are lovely ~ Happy Holidays to you!!

  14. hi maria!
    i'm just stopping to say hello!I'm so behind on visiting..
    what a wonderful giveaway.
    I love the bracelet you created!
    how fun.
    the Christmas one is adorable.
    hope you are doing good!

  15. Very beautiful and nice giveaway!! Happy Late Pink Saturday!!

  16. What awesome give aways! Rules are little complicated for me, ha... but I wanted to say Hi & Good Luck to everyone!! :-)

    Have a wonderful week!!!



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