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February 21, 2010

Embelishment Air Dry Clay

Well it was supposed to rain today but there is absolutely no rain, in fact it's nice and sunny outside. I had a ton of crafts lined up for today "rainy day" but since there is no rain, I only have one. I'd love to craft all day but the sun and my bicycle are conspiring and are calling my name......."Maria.....Maria....Maria". I guess I'll have to go outside and ride my bike for an hour or two.

I made this cute embelishment that you can use to glue on a simple 99cent gift bag to make it look "expensive" or you can hang on your wall or place on top of your mantle, or a pendant for jewelry, whateva. I decided to glue mine on a greeting card. I have a friend who could use a little lift from a butterfly right now.

You will need a few things that you can pick up at Michael's. I love Michael's and Michael's loves me... When I'm in Michael's stocking up on supplies, I tell myself, I shouldn't, I SHOULD not, I shouldn't, I reaaaally should NOT, OOOOOOHHHHH what the heck! and walk right up to the register. Yep, that kind of love, what's a girl to do but shop.

Anyway, here are the supplies you need. Air dry clay, wood mounted rubber stamp, gold metallic acrylic paint, a dark brown acrylic paint, a paper napkin.

A couple of paint brushes, or if you don't mind getting your fingers dirty, you can use your fingers instead of brushes. A cookie cutter or just your imagination (I'll explain later) a clay blade or a knife will do.

A food grade silicone spray OR vegetable oil OR baby oil, they will all work just the same. They are used on the rubber stamp so that the clay won't stick on it.

First, condition the clay, add water if it's too dry. Shape into a square big enough for your chosen rubber stamp.
Take the oil or spray and apply it to your rubber stamp. Next press the rubber stamp into the clay to make a strong impression. It will look like this.

The next step is to cut all around using your knife or blade to make a clean cut. Next, using your imagination, or a cookie cutter, cut a shape out to make a bail to be able to hang your piece.

I press down on my cookie cutter and voila! I have something that can be shaped to attach to my piece.
I attach it to my piece and let it dry for 24 hours. I placed a skewer so it will not colapse while drying, but don't forget to add some of that spray or baby oil to the skewer so it won't stick.

The next step is to add the gold metallic acrylic paint. You can use a brush or your fingers. Let this dry for about 15 minutes.
Next, apply the dark color acrylic paint and let dry for about 2-3 minutes.
Next, use a napkin to wipe off excess. Leave only enough that will be appealing to your eye.

There, I'm happy with this look

I attached mine to a card with a dot of hot glue and my friend will have a nice thoughtful gift along with her card that she can display on her desk.


  1. Hi Maria,
    That's cute and clever. Wednesday Gratitude is for whatever makes you happy, and this did it, right?! :) Esp. the trip to Michael's! And I'm sure it made your friend happy, too.
    (Next time if you'd remember to link back to Heart and Home in your post, I'd appeciate it!)
    Heidi - Heart and Home



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