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April 11, 2011

Never Ending Card

Have you heard of the never ending card? they are all over the internet.  I found a great tutorial you can view On you tube from the Couture Crafter.  I wanted to try and make one for a friend who is in her forties and just recently started dating again.  I used Tim Holtz rubber stamps and Hampton Art Cling rubber stamps.  It is much easier to follow the YouTube tutorial (see link below) but I'll post a picture tutorial too.

here's a preview of the card.....
All you need is two pieces of paper and scissors
First, cut your two pieces of paper to the measurements on the picture
Next, you will fold both pieces of paper to the measurements on the picture below:
make sure you crease your fold towards the front as well as towards the back to give it a nice crisp foldNext, place some glue to the four corners of the paper and glue both papers together by the corners:
Only the four corners should be glued together, it will look like this, one layer on top and one on the bottom:
Next, simply cut the front layer going verticle down the middle of the paper, all the way down;
next, cut the back layer of the paper going horizontal all the way accross, like this;
it will look like this, the front is cut verticle and the back is cut horizontal with the corners glued together :
Lastly, embellish your card, here's mine:
Front view, so little time, so many men:
open folds, next view:
next view, lift up the key for message:
"don't bother ringing my doorbell, I'm hard of hearing":
next view "I'm still hot!!!....It just comes in flashes":
The reason why it's called "Never Ending Card" is because the next fold will take you back to the beginning! pretty cool.  You can see the full effect of this card and an easy to follow tutorial by visiting TheCoutureCrafter on YouTube. 


  1. never heard of these types of cards, Maria, but the finished project looks wonderful!! I'm sure your friend will love it!


  2. Hi Maria,
    Oh my gosh--how clever and beautiful! And what a great tutorial you created too. I hope you're having a beautiful week. Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  3. Never heard of a Never Ending Card but I like it
    Cute idea and I love this one you did.

  4. That is soooo cute!!! I've never heard of one before but I love it!

  5. hello!
    this is so clever!
    I love your tuturials Maria, you make everything very clear.
    your card is beautiful.

  6. I've never ever heard of these- where did you find them? Geat job as usual.


  7. No doubt your friend will love her card! Love the thing about the flashes, well not really! Beautiful creation and thank you for sharing the tutorial! I think you will love the TH truck die. At first I was not sure, but we can make it the way we like it! A little more prettier!

  8. What a fun card! It's like getting 2 or 3 cards instead of one.

  9. First time I have heard of these, great tutorial by the way.

  10. I've never seen those. Yours is really funny and original.

  11. I didn't know these cards! amazing!
    thank you for your beautiful tutorial!



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