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April 08, 2011

Guerrilla Art Friday

Welcome to another Guerrilla Art Friday, a linky party created by Marfi of Incipient Wings.  It's a day of giving something hand made by you to a total stranger.  Someone you have never met and probably will never meet.

Have you ever found something nice on the street, in the subway,or at a bus stop and felt so lucky that you just had to tell everyone? well, leaving something special behind for a random person to find will, hopefully, do just that.  But I must confess that it is as rewarding for me as I'm sure it is for the person who finds it. 

For my little Guerrilla Art Friday I decided to leave that cute little miniature book pendant I made a couple of days ago, a step by step tutorial can be found here: "The Kiss" should be a fitting title.
I decided to leave it at the Central Library outside in the front lawn area: see it there on the bench, in a small box:
a closer look, it's on the arm rest:
The Los Angeles Public Libray is one of the largest publicly funded library systems around the world, with over 6 million volumes.  The Central Library, located downtown, was originally constructed in 1926.  It is the third largest library in the United States.  It was designed with influences of Ancient Egypt and Mediterranean Revival architecture. 
This is the very top of the library, a pyramid:

The front lawn has several fountains:
And the World Peace Bell is there

a closer look:
here's the entrance:

behold! the inside:

here's a look up:
and a look down:
I guess I should have taken a picture of where the books are held.  But they are sectioned off to the right and left of the section in the picture above.

Leaving the library is this long hallway.  Now on to the outside:
The library is surrounded be very tall skyscrapers:

You can even enjoy a little live jazz music while you read

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by.


  1. In some ways I would love to live out there - so many wonderful things to see and do. There seems to be a lot of life out there. My sister is there - I could meet you.
    But the traffic!

  2. thanks for the tutorial link Maria!! I'll be checking it out; I like the concept of the guerilla art! Kind of nice to "bless" someone like that!

    the library awesome looking! never been there but I think I would enjoy checking it out!!

    enjoy the weekend!


  3. I just go ape over Guerrilla Art.
    Beautiful photos of the library - I've never visited, but now I feel like I have!

  4. Wow!! You could have given it to me!!;)

    Seriously though. You are having fun with this guerrilla art project, aren't you?

  5. Yes Melissa, I'm having lots of fun, wish I could do it more often but I live a very busy life.

  6. The photos are fantastic! They sure don't build them like that anymore :-(

  7. I don't know how you can do that and not hide to see someone find your art! Whoever the lucky person is.

    What an awesome library!

  8. Great outing today! Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a beautiful library. Seattle's library is interesting but definitely not as peaceful-looking. I love the necklace, and what a fun way to show kindness to a stranger. I know we can't know who got it, but I'm sure they are enjoying it.

  10. this is gorgeous, the pennant is beautifully done.



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