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October 08, 2010

Pink Halloween Divas

Hello To All Pink Ghouls, ahm, Girls Out There

Today I have something very special for you to see.   I have been wanting to introduce you to these rubber stamps since I started blogging.  They are my favorite stamps from a huge collection at Stampotique . Although they look "Halloweenish" I use them all year long.  Stampotique has a designer's blog where they post projects made with their rubber stamps (http://stampotiqueoriginals.blogspot.com/).

Here's how I made it:
First, cut out your paper to the size you need and collect all your stamps and embellishments.  These stamps were purchased at Michael's the arts and crafts store.

If I were to describe my relationship with Michael's, I'd say he's like that "bad boy" boyfriend you had in Highschool.  You know the one.  You know you SHOULDN'T date him, as the consequences might be dire, leaving an arm and a leg there (for international readers, that means leaving all your money there).  BUT! you just can't help but visit him because you're......IN LOVE.  And if mom said you can't date him, well, fooie, you just will do as you please because you're.....IN LOVE.
And I know I'm not the only girl In love, I once heard a lady say, "Helloooo Lover" right in front of the store! And he teases you with those 40% off coupons, oh yes he does! and those coupons sure look good. 

Ahm, back to reality, here are the stamps from Michael's:

 and here's my background stamp, also from Michael's:
And these awesome stamps from Stampotique:
 I also used this product from Tattered Angels, sprayed all over my white paper, after all the rubber stamping had been done:
 And this product, from Marvy Uchida, I used this on the cat to give him fur.  It's very easy to use, just color in the area and use a heat gun to warm it up, the paint will puff up like velvet:
You can see the detail on the cat here:
 I used a fun technique called, masking.  You stamp on your project, then you stamp on a scrap paper.  Cut the images out from the scrap paper and use them to cover your project images.  Use removable adhesive like the one on the picture.  You can find this adhesive at Michael's or on ebay.  Adhere your cut outs on top of your stamped image on your project.  Once your project images are covered, you can spritz, stamp, water color, or do anything to your project and your images will not be affected by it.  Once you're done, remove the scrap paper image and your project image will be clean.

Here's my project images covered by my scrap images:
Now I can go ahead and spritz and rubber stamp on top and the image underneath will not be affected.  Once I'm done rubber stamping the background, I can remove the scrapped cut outs and the image underneath will be ready for me to color.
You can see that the paper the girls are on is pink, that's because I sprayed them with the Tatterd Angels spritz.  It gave the paper a pink tint and glimmer shine.

I also used these cool non-smear  chalks to add color to the three Divas:

 Hope you liked this project, let me know if you will give it a try so I can come over and see.

hope you have a scary weekend!

Today I'm joining Cindy Adkins at Cindy's  Whimsical Musings Creative Spirit Challenge:

and Beverly at How Sweet The Sound in her Pink Saturday Linky Party


  1. Hi Maria,
    How adorable!!!! I LOVE it!!! And thank you so much for linking this up--it is sensational!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. so cute!! you are creative and talented!! and I love how you show the process as you make your creation!! I loved your description of Michael's too! hope you have a good weekend yourself!


  4. I LOVE your Divas! I love the flowers too! This is way too cute!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. I LOVE this card, and those diva stamps! Those markers are so cool, I've never seen them before! Michael's is a dangerous place, lol. I'm in that store for hours, with my coupon of course! Have A Great Weekend!

  6. I've never seen that puffy stuff you used on the cat. That's sooooo cool! thanks for sharing!

  7. This is so cute..i love pink and Halloween together!very cool.
    and I know what you mean about Michael's...it's so bad, there's one about 5 minutes from me!!!
    im in there coupon or no coupon!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  8. Have a spooky weekend - can I say I love that - love the girls and the pink and black colors. Love the divas ( in my mind I think I am one). lol


  9. Very cute...it reminds me of an old movie called the Craft...by the way I love Michaels dollar bins...

  10. Your ghoulish divas are great!! I wish I could flick a card like this to visitors some days at the office... like today !

  11. the card is awesome! and you make it look like is super easy to make! (I love the cat's texture!)

  12. Awesome Halloween Divas! Stunning to use pink and black for Halloween colors!!

  13. I love the idea of a pink Halloween--and these divas are spectacular!

  14. Haha! Spooky chicks can be divas too! Maria, this is a fabulous card! I love the Pink and the goth girls, and every little perfect detail.I think my favorite part is the "bla, bla, bla, bla" :)

  15. Love this card maria. You make it sound so simple to make ;)


  16. Great card love all the images you used and the pink sprtized paper is gorgeous.

  17. This is a really cute pink post. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

  18. Yikes! The Pink Halloween Divas are pretty spooky looking :-)

  19. Those are so cute yet spooky, love your card. Also love that scary necklace. Hope you have a great week. I have a horrible head cold, hopefully it will be gone soon.

  20. Totally BRILLIANT!!!! I love what you have done with these stamps!!! I just love these stamps & wish I could get my hands on that skull one right now hahaha!!! X



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