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July 30, 2010

New Look, Come Look

I have a new look for my blog!!

My inspiration was this pretty scrapbook paper I found. After I created the new look for my blog, I decided to use the paper to make my mother a pretty card.  This is what it looks like finished:

My mother is a beautiful person and this card is all her.  Her cheery personality, kind nature and loving heart are captured in this card.
here's what you'll need: a white blank card and envelope, rubber stamp, scrap paper with print, scrap paper in a solid color, a double sided tape, paper cutter or scissors, and a ribbon.
 First, cut your paper so that the print paper is slightly smaller than the solid and the solid paper is slightly smaller than your blank card. Tape the  card stock and place ribbon inbetween the solid piece and the blank card.

Place the printed cardstock on top and make a bow with the ribbon.

Next, write a sentiment or use a rubber stamp:

It's so easy to make a beautiful card for someone special.  My mother is going to love it!


  1. Okay now I make cards and I am going to save this example. Nice.

    But how did you get the print of the paper on your blog - there you are over me in the computer world!


  2. So beautiful. :) I got my hippo book and cards today! They are amazing!!!!

  3. Love the new look! The card is pretty too!

  4. Your blog looks so pretty! The cards are sweet, too.

    I'm glad you're back!

  5. Hi Sandie,
    I'll post a blog about how I did it. But it will have to wait until I get back from San Diego next week.

  6. Love the paper and that you used it for your blog design!! :) Thats a gorgeous card you made too.

  7. The card is very pretty, and the look of your blog is very cheerful and bright, open and friendly. Well done Maria!!

  8. I love the new look and would love to see how you did it. I picked up some scrapbook paper this weekend that would be nice on a blog too!



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