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November 03, 2010

Pink Paper Flowers

Before I get into my paper flower, I want to share a story with you.  Even though it was the most embarrassing moment of my adult life!

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or drive thru and ordered the wrong thing? no matter how many times you told yourself you wanted eggs over easy, you end up ordering scrambled? or you end up ordering pancakes.  Then when your order comes you wonder "who ordered this?" then you realize it was YOU!
Well, I wish my story was that simple.....but noooo!  Try ordering a HEMORRHOID to go!

When I met my husband, I didn't know some Spanish words...even though I am fluent in Spanish and my first language is Spanish.  Still, there were some words I "Spanglishized" and others I just made up and making up words has always worked for me. Like for example the word "Champurrado" I didn't know what it was until my husband explained it to me.  It's a delicious hot Mexican drink and now I order it all the time.  There were other words, but you get the idea.....and so did my husband. In Los Angeles, there are some places where the person taking your order does not speak a word in English.....there is where my problem began. 

One day we decided to stop by a grocery store called Super A Foods.  Besides groceries, they also have hot food available to go.  It's a very simple concept, you go to the lady at the hot food counter and tell her what you want (in Spanish) and she bags it for you and off you go.  Well, I wanted fish.....fried fish.....the particular fried fish I wanted is called "Mojarra". 

Let me give you a little history on the word "Mojarra" as it relates to me making up words.  Since Mojarra is such a hard word to remember, I somehow changed it to "Almojarra" but still, when ever I ordered it, everyone would understand what I wanted.  A couple of years went by and I somehow changed the name a second time to "Almorraja", and I would get an "I'm sorry mam but I don't understand?" and I would simply say, fried fish in Spanish "Pescado Frito Almorraja" and that would be enough for them to know that I wanted a Mojarra.  A couple more years later, I managed to change the name a third time to Almorroide!(hemorrhoid). The transition from Almorraja to Almorroide made a lot of sense to me, specially because I didn't know how to say hemorrhoid in Spanish (hemmorroides), so the name change made sense in my little  head....
So there I was at Super A Foods ordering a "fried fish".  As I said in Spanish "I would like a Almorroide (hemorrhoid), please" everyone at the store within hearing distance got extremely quiet and looked over at me.  Puzzled, my husband asked, "hunny, I thought you wanted fried fish?" and I said "yes, I want a Almorroide, don't they have any here?".   The second time I said it,  you could just hear the laughter echoing all over the store.....that was when I realized, gee Maria, maybe you should get out a Spanish/English dictionary right about NOW!.  Truth is I didn't know what I was saying and I was getting irritated that the lady behind the counter was giggling and not getting busy putting my hemorrhoid in a bag.  My husband came to the rescue and ordered a Mojarra for me.  Once in the car, he told me what I was really ordering and I laughed like a silly woman all the way home......
Do you have an embarrassing story? have you ever ordered something weird and wondered where your mind was? or when the server brings out your order, you don't remember what it was you ordered?

Well, enough laughing, let's get into paper flowers.

These paper flowers are super easy to make and they look fabulous. 
Here's what you'll need:
heavy card stock like thick scrapbook paper

 spray water bottle, brads, a pencil, buttons
(I used a sharpie so that you can see the lines better)
a hot glue gun or tacky glue, wire cutters or scissors if your buttons are made out of plastic, a hole punch

First draw three circles on the back of your paper with a pencil:
sizes for each flower are 4.5 inches, 3.5 inches, 2.5 inches
 then using your hands, cut out the circles.  This part does not have to be perfect:
here's what they look like when your all done.
next, spray the circles with your water and crunch them up:
layer them to look like this and let dry:

next, take your hole punch and punch out a hole:
push a brad through and open on the other side:
and the back side:
next, clip the back part of your button off, like this:
and hot glue the button to the brad:

and that's it! you can use it for home decor:
 or on a greeting card:


  1. Oh, my gosh! A hemorrhoid to go! That is too funny!
    Once, we were eating at The Outback, and I ordered a steak. The waiter (cute guy in his 20's) asked what size. I said "nine inch" instead of "nine ounce" and I didn't know who was going to laugh harder~the waiter or my husband. I was mortified.

    I really like your flowers~they look fun to make. I'm going to have to try this. :)

  2. Oh, this is just the project I have been looking for- simple, personalized and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for stopping by my sadly neglected blog. I'm going to think of a funny embarrassing story to share but thankfully, most of my memory leaves so quickly and I can't think of a story off hand. Happy blogging.

  3. those flowers are so cute Maria! and they really dress up the things you want to decorate with them, yet they are so "simple" in their looks! Very nice!!

    loved the "hemorrhoid" story although I am sure it was not funny living through it. I think my story would be I wanted to get chromium picolinate because it is supposed to help regulate blood sugars and good for weight loss (or so they say). Anyway, I went to the health food store and asked for chromium pickle-nate which is what the cashier thought I said. He said "we don't stock pickles here". I was soooo embarrased but finally he was able to figure out what I wanted :)


  4. Oh that's too funny! I have one too!

    Yesterday my MIL contacted me and told me that they knew someone that was willing to pay for me to housesit for them. She gave me the number and I called it. A girl picked up and I said "Is your Mom home?" Yeah...it WAS the mom, the woman that wanted me to housesit. I was SO EMBARRASSED and I didn't even get the job! Haha, oh it was funny looking back on it though.

    a funny and yet somehow , cute story! thank you for sharing it.
    I really like how you show the process when you create something...very thoughtful and helpful. and they turned out gorgeous!

  6. I love your flowers and your story is so funny!!! I can see how you made the mistake though...You must have been shocked when you realized it...how hilarious!!!

  7. How funny!

    Thanks for sharing how to make the flowers. I have beautiful scrapbook paper that has been waiting for me to do something with!

  8. hahahahahahaha that really appeals to me Maria but I will have to get that out of my head or I will be ordering one too!!! When the film 'Dragonheart' came out I took the kids to see it at the sinema. There had been various changes to the films title in the car & when we got to the quiosk this worn down Mum asked for tickets to see :DragonFart: hahahahaha!!!

    Beautiful flowers my lovely XXX

  9. That story is absolutely hysterical!!!!! Interesting that mentioned those spainlish words (oops misplaced that) but I try my high school spanish sometimes and everyone says they have no idea what you are saying even if it say-Donde esta el bano......ha ha I love this story also because I do that with readjusting my words and names. Makes life interesting and fun but I must say I have never ordered a hemmoroid. HA HA Have a great day! oh, love the flower tutorial too :)

  10. Oh Maria, these are so cute! As for embarrassing moments, my life is full of them! One that comes to mind - two years ago while shopping for braces for my youngest son, I called a particular dental office to inquire about prices. I explained to the woman who answered that I was calling about my then fourteen year old son. At The end of my spiel, I calmly announced that I was looking for dentures for my son. I was answered by complete silence. She then asked, 'are you sure?' shocked, I answered yes, my son badly needed dentures. (I'm giggling as I write this) Suddenly I clued in to what I was saying. Unfortunately, she wasn't as amused as I was.(actually, she was quite rude!) I hurriedly say my good byes, thankful that she had no idea who I was. I picked up the phone and dialed another office. And quickly repeated the same performance. Thankfully, this time the woman had a sense of humor, and we laughed together. I can only surmise that after reading ads in the yellow pages, I had picked up on the word 'dentures', and it stuck! All I can be thankful for is that I wasn't face to face with these people as you were!

  11. That was so funny. I had to tell it to Don and we had a good laugh together. Thanks for the tutorial. I have started doing digital scrapbooking and they would be perfect to add to a page. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  12. Hola, Tocaya! Thank you for the nice things you said on my blog. I wanted to let you know that I got the flatware at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but before that I was looking to get it through Amazon. Happy shopping!

  13. Here's Papgena's comment, very funny:

    I have to tell you I laugh so much with your story!!!! It's hilarious! It's also strange, for me a foreigner, to think of a place in US where people don't speak english but spanish! There are places, here in Portugal, where people speak a mix of portuguese and spanish especially close to the borders) in both sides.

    I have a story a little like yours, I was in italy with my brother (and we spoke english) and one night, on a restaurant, I asked onions on the salad and what I wanted it was olives! It was my brother who came to rescue me! :P I fell so ridiculous!


  14. I thought that was such a funny story and I can so see how it happened. LOL

    And you know what - I CAN do those flowers - easy - thanks.


  15. Hi Maria,
    I just came over to say "hi" and wanted to thank you for visiting me...You won't believe what I did tonight...I made the post for my prayer blog but made it on my Whimsical Musings blog by accident! lol Now I've got twin messages...lol

  16. Oh my goosh.. yes I have! Loved your funny story!! I tried to explain something just last week. Got the work totally wrong (I had always thought it sounded like that.. at least it does in my head!). Anyway, the person with me was still laughing about it 'today'... I'm terrible at saying 'new words' incorrectly... Oh well! LOL

    Always love your craft projects too!!
    Have a Great weekend! ~ Coreen

  17. Maria! That was hysterical! I have more "mouth in foot" moments than I care to share! I loved reading that and knowing I'm not alone! Those flowers are darling and I think I might even be able to make them...even being non-crafty. :-) I would love it if you would consider linking it up to my party this week!

  18. Hi Maria,
    I heard it was so hot in L.A....It is going below freezing tonight here and it's usually hot...amazing, huh? I'm so glad you liked the journals--I think it's a neat idea!!!

  19. Love the flowers... I make them out of organza but never thought about paper. I will give it a try. Funny story btw, and that's all you can do is laugh! I do hope the fried fish was worth it, ha!

    Happy PS,

  20. What a funny story-great flowers on the lampshade!

  21. Maria,
    Just wanted to say hi, I was thinking of you. I told my husband your story and we laughed and laughed, My 13 yo was in the car too and he didnt know what a hemmoroid was but once I told him he was cracking up too. Its just so much something like I would do. Have a great week,

  22. Hi Maria,
    So happy to see you on my blog--and I wanted to tell you that the pics of your boys is adorable!!! I have been working for the past 7 hours
    on Christmas gifts--it takes forever!! (For our neighbors!) I'm glad I started early, that's for sure!
    I hope you had a nice weekend, dear friend.

  23. Wish I could get my hemorroids "to go" but that's more than you probably want to know.
    (And thanks for your comments, too)

  24. Thanks for the funny story. It was good to start my day off with a giggle!
    Cute flowers, too!

  25. My wife Rosie is a born in LA Mexican. Sad to say I speak better Spanish then she does. I can't wait to share your story with her :-)


  26. That story is priceless!! I am glady your husband was there to help you out.

    Oh and these flowers!! They are great!!

  27. what a FUN story ! i laughed out loud just reading about it! and bless you for being willing to share it with us ..
    i do like the cards you've designed embellished with your cute flowers!
    thank you :) and for visiting & chatting at FHC!

  28. They're beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  29. No, I wouldn't want that "to go" or "take out" or "dine in". Ha Loved the paper flowers; would look great on Christmas gifts as well. I enjoyed the tutorial. That's kind of what I do on my blog. I go out and visit places around me, but mostly I want to share our "handmade" world. Blessings Terri

  30. LOL!!! TOO funny :) Love your paper flowers, too :)

  31. I lake it,very nice and interesting!!!

    Kisses from Croatia.

  32. I loved your story and am really interested in trying out your instructions for making those beautiful flowers...love handcrafts of all kinds and am always on the look out for new things to try. Thanks...will pop by again to check out your posts.

  33. Very good!! I would have loved to have seen everyone's face when you ordered that!! Too funny :) thanks for the great flower tutorial--I know that I will be using that! I have begun following you so that I can pop in often. Love your blog.




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