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November 15, 2010

Microfiction Monday

Susan at Stony River challenges bloggers every Monday with a linky party called,  Microfiction Monday.
She posts a picture and in 140 characters or less, you are to write a story or short poem based on the picture.  I thought this would be a fun linky to join, so here's my story, I actually have two stories and a poem to share.  This is my first try at this challenge, I hope you like it.

It's kind of funny that I was so inspired by a pastel colored poncho! lol.

~After the last water mirage, Lolita ignored the tall dark handsome man standing before her on a mission to save her from the savage desert. (139 characters)

~Lolita’s curvitas were on his mind as he crossed the hot desert. The thirst for water was minimal compared to the thirst he had for Lolita. (140 characters)

English translation: curvitas = curves

~hot sweat runs down your face
 you abandoned all that was yours
 you find yourself in a desolate desert
 wondering if leaving was the answer
 (137 characters)

Happy Monday Everyone


  1. Very creative! I've been reading about some really cool link parties lately; so many great ideas! Have a great day!

  2. That sounds like a fun and challenging party. I like what you came up with.

  3. Very nicely done, Maria, all three of them. I love the word "curvitas" and "Lolita's curvitas" certainly does have a ring to it. Well written. See you at MM again, I hope.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Okay - I like story line number 2! What is the rest of the story? Sandie

  5. Lolita better be careful! :) I enjoyed all three but the first was my favorite!

  6. That's interesting. You're good at writing those.

  7. I like all these, Maria. I am glad you didn't make us choose a favorite. I suppose my pick would be the last because it's a fortune come true. Bad fortune.
    The first one is a strong second because I tend to favor writings using mirages. I've always wanted to see one. :)

  8. I love all of these Maria, especially the reference to Lolita's curvitas-funny!

  9. all very creative, the second one was my favorite! I bet it was hard to come up with something and keep it under 140 characters! very challenging indeed, but you rose to the occasion and did great with it!


  10. Hi Maria,

    Those were all such great short stories, I particularly love the poem, it kind of ties in with how I saw the picture.


  11. Fantastic! The first one is my favourite.

  12. i love curvita lolita ! i have enough trouble coming up with just one tiny story, and you have three. way to go! :)
    ponchos are inspiring!

  13. Listen. Listen closely! I DO think that's Lolita singing "Mirage, that's all you are to me
    Mirage, something I only see!" Yep. I'm thinking it's safe to bet that Tall, dark and handsome is none other than Tommy James. A-and t-that other guy? The one that's getting away?! One of The Shondells of course!

    Good takes this week; much fun and frolic here! Thanks!

  14. three very different stories
    well done

    from now on when I shop in the plus size department I'm going to refer to it as the 'curvitas' section :)

  15. lolitas curvitas ~
    were the same as Juanitas
    what was a man to do!!
    aye aye aye Caramba!!!

    heehe loved taking part and reading everbodies
    and loved commenting too
    have a great week bubblegum

  16. Yes, very creative!! You are very talented!! If I ever find the time 'smiles'... I'd love to try this sometime. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!!!

  17. Lack of water can have a strange effect on folk! LOL

  18. So many good ones. i particularly like the last one - an emotional dessert.

  19. And i love the flowers in the last post.

  20. lol..I love all three of them


  21. I especially like your mirage take in the first story--very clever and creative. And the two thirsts in the second one were also unique and clever. I think eventually his thirst for water will outpace his thirst for Lolita! And finally I like the "second thoughts" in the third one...so you had a triple play...they're all great!

  22. I enjoyed them all, but I think the first was my favourite. I do hope that Lolita was wrong about that guy being a mirage, though.
    Have a great week. Cheers.

  23. Failing a lesson in patience, Lolita lost her man. However, a girl needs to hydrate!! Fun ideas, all!

  24. Oh, well done! I love the photo and your creative description. Thanks for sharing today. Very much worth my stopping by to see what you're up to today.



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