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February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Continued

There can't be a romantic date without chocolate, right? so I whipped up some bon bons. They are so easy to make and there is no baking with this recipe. I got this box at Costco and the recipe is on the back.

I got a little impatient and my peanut butter bon bons aren't perfect like the picture on the box but, trust me, they were just as delicious! and isn't the dish lovely? got it at a yard sale.....thank you yard sale lady.

I always have left over chocolate when I make these and today I decided to make hearts with the left over. Place pieces of wax paper on a flat surface. Spoon in all the left over melted chocolate inside a sandwich size zip lock bag.

Cut a small piece of one corner and pipe out the chocolate making a decoration. In this case, a heart.

Place in freezer, make sure they lay flat
Wait just a few minutes later and voila!

You could write a beautiful poem or a love song to tell your valentine how much you love them or, you can bake a heart shaped cake and send the same message. Since I didn't have a heart shaped mold, I used a square mold 9"x 9" and a circle mold 9" and behold! a heart!

Cut the circle in half, these will go on each side of the square to make the top part of the heart.

The template below shows the placement of the blue square and the red circle cut in half.
Decorate with icing and sugar crystals. Nothing says I love you better than a big piece of chocolate cake with ice cream.

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