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February 21, 2010

Vacation Home

We are so excited to finally have found our new vacation home to vacation out in the mountains of big bear. It's been a long hunt for the perfect one, about 5 years but we finally found it. Oh the long hours shopping for one are finally over! through the years, we "rented" and we borrowed from friends and family members but finally we have one of our own! So since the weather was beautiful yesterday, we decided to set it up and take a look. Check out the pics:

scroll down....

yes people, it's a tent, our vacation home....hehe! got you! We got it on clearance at Target and saved $60 off the regular price, Eddie Bower....nice....This is how it looks like all set up:

And this is us trying to set it up, we wanted to make sure all the parts were in the box, afterall, it was on clearance:

This is the inside, three rooms.....nice.....

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