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February 07, 2010

Note Pad

Woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning with the sun shining through my window and the birds chirping outside. However, I could not stop from laughing to be able to enjoy it. My poor hubby thought I'd finally lost it because I was laughing like a mad woman and could not stop. I finally pulled myself together to explain to him why I was laughing so hard. I had this very vivid dream. The setting was an outdoor Christmas party with Christmas music playing in the background.

I got to the party alone but there were a lot of people there. At a distance, I saw an old friend that I had not seen in a while and I joyfully pranced over to greet her. Unfortunately, to my dismay, she walked past me without acknowledging me! I was pretty P.O'd so I stared at her for a long time as she mingled with other guests. I stared so intently at her, like a pointing dog. Yeah you! I thought to myself, you know you know me. How could she not remember me? her old pal? I wanted to enjoy the party so I made myself believe that she joined some weird religion that does not let her associate with smart, nice, friendly people like moi.

I then walked around to see who else was there and to my surprise I see a second old buddy of mine, who, yes, she also shined me off!!! what the heck? really people, what is going on??? I figured it must have been my hairdo. Heck, with the funky hairdo I was sporting, I wouldn't talk to me either. The music was good though, and since no one was dancing, I took the liberty to rule the floor.....to Christmas music!......yep.....that was me.......doing the macarena to deck the halls!

Thank Goodness I don't take myself too seriously, even in my dreams.

This weekend I thought I'd make a purse pad. It's the perfect gift for any friend (who at least pretends to remember you). You don't need much for this project, just a few things.

From right to left:

glue, bone folder (or a spoon will work if you don't have a bone folder), a pen, scissors, ribbon, needle and thread, whole punch, velcro, ruler, 12X12 scrapbook paper, and a sticky note pad.

First, make a template using the ruler and the sticky note pad on a blank scrap piece of paper. You can use a brown paper grocery bag for this part because you are only creating a template to use over and over.

Make sure you end up with two fold lines for each side of the pad to account for the thickness of the pad so each side will be folded twice.

You then use the template to trace it on the back of your chosen scrapbook paper and cut out the shape. Fold all sides pressing down hard with a bone folder or a spoon so that the folds are nice and sharp.

Next, attach the sticky note pad to the center using glue and let dry.

It's time to add the sticky back velcro.

First, apply the velcro to the top flap of the purse. Once the first piece is attached, attach the second piece to it. Close the flap down and by doing so you would have attached the second piece at the exact location on the bottom flap so that they match up when you close it.

I added a pretty little flower I found in my sewing supplies, you can add anything you have around, a button would be cute too.

Punch holes on the top to pull the ribbon through. On the inside of the purse, you want to sew the two ends together so the ribbon doesn't slip off.

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  1. What a fun little idea! I think it is so cute...teachers would love this. Thanks for sharing.

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite



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