"Sometimes adventure calls and we ignore it. We miss the opportunity for a lifetime of memories. Go ahead, be adventurous" ~Maria Villanueva

February 25, 2012

How many times this week have you been so nervous that your palms got sweaty, your heart was pumping, you felt hot, you felt cold and your head was up in the clouds?

I love the feeling of being nervous, it makes me feel **ALIVE**.  Today I participated in a flashmob.....you read that right, a flashmob!  What a way to get a nervous high, right? nothing like dancing in front of a whole bunch of unsuspecting strangers who are wondering what is going on.   The idea is to blend into the crowd and wait for the perfect moment to start dancing with a group of people in unison.  It comes as a total surprise to bystanders who are left to wonder what's happening.  The excitement quickly spreads and people can't believe what they see but are happy that they are there to witness it.  Once it's all over, all dancers scatter once again into the crowd and are gone before anyone figures out what just happened.

For me, it was exciting, exhilarating, nerve wracking and I'm looking forward to doing it again.  (I'm the lady wearing the black hat, gray t-shirt and sunglasses).  The group I was dancing with is the award winning, dance group called Poreotics Dance Crew, a very popular and well known all male dance crew in Orange County and throughout the Los Angeles area.  Today, for the first time, I'm sharing a video on this blog, hope you like it! The second and third video are ones I found on YouTube that were taken the same day by other people.  There must have been at least twenty random people filming it, I'm sure there'll be others posted on YouTube.

The Setting:
Downtown Disney ~ Anaheim

Februray 25, 2012

The Theme:
Alice In Wonderland, Mad Hatter


 YouTube Link

YouTube Link

YouTube Link


  1. oh my!!! you're a really good dancer! and seems really fun!

  2. How cool! And you looked great doing it, too. :)

  3. I LOVE THOSE - did you know in advance and practice and love you new look. sandie



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