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September 18, 2010

Well, Get A Hold Of These Lies, ahm, Stories!

My dear friend Sandie of Chatty Crone has awarded me with the "Creative Writer" Award.  If it's in writing, people will believe it, right?
Here are the rules:
I tell you five lies about myself and one truth.  You can post a comment at the bottom of this post and let me know which one you think is the truthful one.  On Wednesday, September 18th, I will reveal the truthful statement in a post.
Next, I'm supposed to select six of you to pass along this lovely award and you would write your very own post filled with creative lies.  Since I know that NO ONE who reads my blog is a liar (wink wink), I'm going to leave this open to whom ever wants to play.  Just let me know that you will be taking the award and posting it in your blog and I will link your blog to my post when I reveal the truth on Wednesday.  (do I make sense??? sometimes I feel like I speak Martian or Martini or something).

Now, let's see if I can pull this off.

1) I once had an affair with an incredibly handsome man who happened to be MARRIED to a good friend of mine.  This happened during my college years while I attended Cal State San Marcos University in San Marcos California.  EVERYONE found out about the affair.  To this day I have not been able to make amends with my college friends. Oh, the scandal!

2) I was stoned in the street, like Mary Magdalene, for bringing shame to my community! I ran for two blocks and the girls ran after me throwing stones at me.  I couldn't get away from them, no matter what I said, they kept stoning me.  Oh, the pain!

 3) I was married for six months to an 80 year old man, named Vito, when I was twenty years old, I'm now 41.  He was such a sweet old man full of fascinating stories from his past.  His intelligence intrigued me, his romantic words and actions, mesmerized me, his mysterious personality, inspired me.   He had seen the world and had the stories to prove it.  Oh, the romance! 

4) I purchased my current home entirely on the internet.  The enter key was my only agent! I never actually saw the home until a week after closing escrow.  I was living in San Marcos at the time and didn't have the time to drive 200 miles to see the home.  I realized I needed to move quickly to get the house and, with the click of the enter key, the house was mine.   Oh, the risky decisions!

5) I have a beautiful singing voice and every now and then people ask me to sing at parties.  Oh, la bella!

 6) I was a model for JC Penny Spanish catalog.  I was living in Escondido, California when a woman approached me while shopping for cosmetics.  She told me she was a modeling agent and gave me her business card.  I called her the next day and we set up an appointment to start a portfolio.  The gig only lasted one year and I made roughly around $9K.  I didn't want to pursue it because it was a LOT of work and little pay.  Trust me, I worked my fanny off for that money.  Oh, the hard labor!

 Now, go ahead and guess which of the six is a true story about me.  Let me know in a message below.  Good Luck!


  1. I love all of the creative writing that you did.. but I am going to guess... that you bought your latest home entirely on the internet! You risk taker!

  2. I say #2 is the true fact. I think it happened to as you were a child. The reason I say this is because it sounds like something my own children would do after learning the Sunday School lesson. They are very good at "acting out" their favorite lessons.

  3. The house and the model for JCPenney are true...the rest...hmmmm....don't think so:) Thanks Maria for your gracious opinion on the bad giveaway.

  4. I don't wanna win the award but I bet it was modeling. Do you still live in San Diego county?

  5. Hmm . . . that's tough because I could actually believe the last three that you listed. So . . . hmm . . . I'm just going to pick 4 because it sounds like something I would do in a pinch.

  6. OK!! I am going with #4 for the truth! It could be #6, but I don't know if JCP has a Spanish Catalog and I also kind of wondered about #5. I already received this award some time back! Happy Sunday!

  7. oh this is fun!!!! :D

    well, I think the hipotesis number 3 very romantic but I think I'll bet on number 4!

  8. Your not speaking Martian, Those are some very creative stories, I would say the true one is you were a model.

  9. Oh my gosh, Maria...this is amazing!!! I love this picture! I can't guess which one is a lie...I think it's the one about the 80-year-old man...
    how great is this post!!!

  10. Either you were a model or you bought your home on the internet. I just can't picture the rest. :D

  11. I like #4!! You are such a savy computer gal..I wouldn't be suprised. of course, you could be a spanish model too, cutie patootie!!

  12. Oh how fun!! I love how creative and funny you are!! They all have such good detail, that they are very convincing stories.. You are GOOD! hehe I dont know which story is real! But Im just gonna guess number 6 is real! :)

  13. I'm going to go with the house purchase! And, I used to live in Escondido too! LOOOONG time ago! :-)

  14. I could believe you were "Stoned in the street" but only with bourbon 'on the rocks.'

  15. Hi There!

    Congratulations on your award! I love reading your posts; you always have such great, creative ideas!

    I have something for you over at my blog. Have a great day!



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