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September 25, 2010

Fall Wreath

I can't get over how quickly the moths are coming and going.  Life just seems to speed up faster every year.  Thank goodness I love to take pictures because if it wasn't for our family albums, I'd wonder where time has gone.

I finally started to decorate for Fall.  It's hard to decorate for the new season because of the heat here in Los Angeles.  Today was over 100 degrees, HOT.  With this weather, it just doesn't feel like Fall.  I spent the day shopping yesterday and Fall is everywhere in every store.  I was inspired to start my decorating around the house.  I love displaying wreaths and today I decided to make a Fall wreath.  You can get very creative and make something beautiful from your imagination and it's a quick, easy and inexpensive home decor piece.  Not to mention they look fabulous.  You can place it anywhere in your house.  The one I made today only cost me about three dollars.  It doesn't necessarily have to be hanging on your front door, you can hang them anywhere inside your house.

Here's how I made it
I used a floral wreath you can find at the Dollar Tree store for a dollar and scrapbook paper from Michael's.  I found this pretty paper at Big Lots:

You will also need a paper trimmer, glue gun, ribbon (also from the Dollar Tree store), silk flowers and fall leaves 
First, cut the paper in strips, don't make them too wide, about an inch to an inch and a half is good
using the glue gun, adhere your strips of paper on to the floral wreath
 hot glue the flowers and leaves on the wreath and finally, accessorize with a ribbon

If you haven't began your Fall decorating, head on over to the linky parties below so you too can be inspired.

I'm linking to these parties:


  1. Love how your wreath came out Maria!.. Very pretty!!.. I've started my Fall decorating, but still have much to do. My schedule is as full as it can be, so I just get it done in baby steps. It IS gradually getting there and looking nicer now!... Enjoy your day! ~tina

  2. Three dollars? That's great~and it's very pretty.

  3. just stopped by to say "hi"; I saw a comment you left on Sandie's (Chattie Crone) blog about the California Soaring ride (my absolute favorite at California Adventure) so had to check out your blog (I'm also in Southern California).

    what a cute wreath! so very clever how you made it with inexpensive material! now if only our weather would cooperate and cool down just a bit :)


  4. Such a pretty wreath. Never thought to make use of scrapbooking paper. I just love the ribbon you added. So soft!
    Thank you so much for your kind comment you left.
    Will stop by soon and have a great week!

  5. Lovely. I am starting to catch the wreath bug too.

  6. That is such a wonderful idea and i love how it looks. I wish it was a bit warmer here. I had to put my heaters on for the first time, it's that cold.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing definitely going to have a go at this.


  7. Hi Maria,
    This is gorgeous!! My Mom and most of my family is in Calif. and they said it is so HOT today!!! I hope it cools down fast!!!

  8. Hi Maria,
    One more thing...when you told those stories, I thought they were ALL true except ONE! How funny--I had it backwards!!!

  9. Hi Maria,

    Love your blog and it looks like we are neighbors! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I am your newest follower.


  10. "I can't get over how quickly the moths are coming and going."

    --yep, the heat will do that to 'em :)

  11. It turn out very beautiful, Maria!
    Only when I started read american blogs I discover people have decorations to the several seasons and hollidays! I only do it at christmas and, sometimes, easter.
    Here is already quite cold, sunny days but cold, no more than 16º c at miday, and the nights are much colder.

  12. i have always loved making my own wreaths and swags but i gave up and bought a new one this year from target. oh well, looks nice. i can enjoy the homemade ones here :)

    funny about the weather -- a friend from houston just told me how the temp dipped below 80 this week and suddenly everyone is wearing sweaters and the restaurants are all out of soup. que exageracion, but fall fever is a real disease!



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