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April 16, 2010

Pink Martini

It's Friday Night and definitely Pink Martini time for me.....another crazy week. Although, I did get some exciting news this morning, I won a beautiful set of napkins!!! I'm so excited, can't wait to buy the table cloth that goes with them, I'll have to post about it then.

Back to the martini, I'm not a big drinker (other than wine at dinner) but today, a martini would be nice to  wrap up a stressful week.  If you need a pink martini too, here's how to make it: In a shaker with ice cubes 1 1/4 oz vodka 1/4 oz lime juice 1/4 oz triple sec 1/4 oz cranberry juice splash of grapefruit juice.  Shake well, pour and enjoy.

I love roses

When I had my first child, ten years ago, my husband's grandmother, "Abue" (Gramma) was holding my baby in her arms and she said to me, "Maria, you need more flowers in your garden". I knew what she was talking about.... more babies. She passed away after my second (and last) child was born, seven years ago. When ever I see the flowers in my garden, I think of her. We don't truly know how much we are going to miss someone until they are gone. And when they are gone, all we have left, are the memories they left behind.

These flowers are from my garden, it's hard to imagine that I would be responsible for these beautiful roses but, actually, I should give all due credit to my neighbor, David. He's a 70 year old man who takes really good care of them while my husband and I work. It's so nice to have kind neighbors that look out for you. I pay it forward too, when ever there's a big game on TV; baseball (Dodgers) or basketball (Lakers), I bake small cakes or cookies and bring them over to my four neighbors around me. They love it!

I think that if our neighbors were to describe us as a family, they'd probably say something like........the Villanueva's? Maria and Oscar? oh yeah, they are very friendly, they have a horrible singing voice but they're friendly, just don't let them take out their karaoke machine because then you'll be in for something you didn't sign up for. Other than that, they're pretty friendly. Maria? oh yeah, everyone here knows she collects Michael's coupons, so we all bring them to her before they expire. She talks to her birds like they were babies. Oscar? yeah, he has a very loud voice. We all know when it's 6 o'clock in the morning. We don't need alarm clocks around here because Oscar sure wakes up the neighborhood..........

No, seriously, when we moved from our previous house, one of the neighbors said, with disappointment, "you can't move, who's going to wake us up now?". My husband can be loud, sometimes I have to remind him how loud he is when we're in the car and the windows are rolled up. I once made him ask the doctor to examine his hearing, turns out he has excellent hearing!

When we're out shopping, people around us will stop talking with their companion, they literally stay quiet to hear our conversation. Not that we have anything interesting to say but I think they figure, since he has such a loud voice, surely he must be talking about something interesting. This works really well when we have to return something at the store, all he has to say is something like "I'm here to return this", that's it! no explanation, no questions asked. If I try to return something......let's just say, I dread returning stuff, specially when I don't have a receipt.

Now about my bird, wouldn't you also baby talk to your bird if he was this cute? his name is Connor (he is a sun conure) and he loves hanging from his cage like a monkey. He gets very upset if I forget to place clean water in his cage on Saturday mornings for his bath.

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  1. I think I need one drink :-)

    Your roses are so big and beautiful! I love roses too but not good in growing them. SO I just admire the ones I see. ANd they smell just perfect! Your grandma sound like one fine lady. Had to smile when she told you you need to have more babies :-)And you sure seem to sound like one fun family.

    Happy Pink Saturday


  3. Hi Maria! Oh, I LOVE Connor! I hope you'll be posting more about him! I have given some thought to buying a bird for my home, but have made no decisions yet... As for the end of a week? I know I can think of many weeks, where one of those Pink Martinis would be LOVELY! I will have to try one! It sounds good! Happy Pink Saturday! ~tina

  4. Love your story about your husbands Grandma--such a cute thing to say. Your roses really do thrive with your dear neighbor. Ours will be blooming in May. Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. Hola Maria, muy lindas las rosas y todos tus bellos recuerdos acerca de la "Abue"

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  6. conner and the pink drinkie...pretty!!

  7. What a lovely post. I adore your roses and your sweet little birdie is the prettiest ever.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leavng a comment.
    I'll be back to see you again soon.


  8. How sweet of your grandmother, sounds like you have fond memories of her. I love your bird, coner, I have never seen those types of birds. Would like to know more about him, he sounds like he's a lot of fun.

  9. Is there a such thing pink virgin martini without alcohol?!Thank You HPS!

  10. Yes, mine would have to be a virgin pink martini too. I cannot drink. Half a glass and I fall asleep. This can be good but can also be bad. Your flowers are beautiful. You are blessed in your neighbors. I can just imagine your hubby at the store returning something LOL. Usually they don't want everybody to know something is wrong with the item ....
    Thanks for stopping by and saying Hello and Happy Pink Saturday!!

  11. Beautiful roses, sound like you live in a good neighborhood. Your bird is so cute. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for the prayer

  12. How blessed you are with such lovely neighbors, how wonderful the world would be if we all treated each other with that much caring and respect. I loved your pink drink and your beautiful flowers. Happy Pinks..a day late..
    p.s. Conner is adorable..give him a tiny hug for me..

  13. I looove your roses! I can smell them from here! ...and your bird is delightful! Thanks so very much for your visit yesterday! I'm a day late to the party, but having a good time making the rounds!

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have some cute ideas on here. I only wish I had neighbors as great as yours!

  15. Thank you for your sweet visit. Wow -- a pink martini and pink roses -- it doesn't get any better than that!

  16. < is loving the Pink Martini!!



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