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April 30, 2010

Canvas Decoupage

Here's a project I have been wanting to make for a while.  I love my acrylic paints and this is a fun project that will allow you to use those fun acrylic paints.

Here's what you'll need:
decorative party napkins (tip: find them on clearance), small canvas, gift wrap tissue paper

Scissors, rubber or acrylic stamp, dye based ink, sponge, permanent marker, Mod Podge

 A variety of acrylic paint, I like using the Americana brand because the colors are brighter.  Use colors that go well with the colors on your napkin

  A picture....don't use an original, make a copy because you'll be cutting it and painting it.  This is me when I was eight years old, somewhere in Mexico visiting with my favorite aunt, Esther.  Sorry, my uncle accidentally, I'm sure, cut her head off .

Don't you love the old concrete steps? I think their awesome in my picture.

 Stamp your design on the tissue paper but make sure you have a permanent dye based ink so it won't smear

Peel the napkin taking away the layers and leaving only the decorative layers.  They normally only have one extra layer.

Cover the canvas with a think coat of Mod Podge, go to next step without letting the glue dry

Carefully place the decorative napkin on to the glued canvas

Cut off the extra napkin all around your canvas

I wrote "Diva" with a permanent marker inside the stamped image.  Place your sentiment or stamp design on to the napkin carefully with Mod Podge.  Don't worry if your stamped image is not cut exactly to the line, the tissue will actually disapear.

Next, cut our your picture and use Mod Podge (only on the back) to glue it to the napkin.  Take your acrylic paint and brushes and be creative with your picture

Here's what I did with mine, I gave myself a pink dress

And here's how it looks displayed in my dining room, very pretty.

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  1. Cute idea to paint on a dress. Love the pink - my favorite color.

    Thanks for stopping by Black Kats Design and becoming a follower. Now you won't miss out on any of the fun!

  2. This turned out so darling!! I love the name of your blog :) I am stopping by from new Friend Friday. Have a fabulous weekend!


  3. What a cute project! I am stopping by from New Friend Friday and I wanted to tell you that I love your Blog name. COme stop by my blog sometime over at nightowlcrafting.blogspot.com

  4. What a great idea! I just bought some canvas a few weeks ago and it is still waiting for me to beautify it. Maybe I'll give this a try. I am hosting a Messy Monday linky party today. I would love for you to link this up. Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend. Have a happy day!

  5. Que bonito el nuevo vestido rosado!!!


  6. This is such a sweet idea!

    Thanks for linking up to Saturday is Crafty Day! I hope to see you next week.

  7. This is so very cute and clever. Your tutorial is great. Thank for linking up to the DIY Club! I am a new follower.


  8. Awesome job! ModPodge rocks as does your creation! Thanks so much for linking up with me today!




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