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October 24, 2011

La Llorona At My House!

Hello Bloggers! I'm back this week but this time I have an urban legend very well known in Mexico and Latin American countries.

"La Llorona"  "The Weeping Woman"

Legend has it that long ago a beautiful woman took her children to the river to drown. She did this in order to win the love of a man she was in love with but the man later rejected her.  Full with grief over what she did, she then killed herself.  Once at the gates of Heaven, she's asked about her children.  When she couldn't account for them, she was forced to roam the world to look for them.  She is known for taking any misbehaved children with her.

I'm going to share a video with you that my son took while I was trying to calm the puppies down one night, not long ago.  The puppies were very feisty and running around wild.  We wanted to photograph them and couldn't get them to settle down.  I didn't know my son was filming it, I thought he was just taking a picture.  You can hear me say, "take it, take it, take it" in the video towards the end, as I was telling him to take the picture.  Throughout the video, you can hear weeping in the background and a loud sigh at the end.  The TV was not on and my son and I were the only ones in the house besides the puppies......or so we thought! It's a scary thing when you capture something strange or inexplicable on video or camera.  The puppies are too cute and they might not let you concentrate.  But try to listen to her in the background concentrate on the sounds, specially towards the end when you hear a loud sigh.  

If you have a spooky story, leave me the link in the comments below.

Hope you have a scary week everyone, thanks for coming by. 


  1. Maria! I was excited to see the video, but it it isn't there! Were you scared when you heard it the first time? So many people brush off things like that, but I truly believe there is something to it. Thanks for sharing your story, and please let me know if there is another way to see the video. Happy Halloween! Anne

  2. Anne: Click on the white arrow on the last picture at the bottom of the blog post, titled "THIS IS REALLY CREEPY".

    It is kind of scary when you capture something unexplainable on video or in a photo. In this case, as I listen to it carefully, I can hear the weeping sounds in the background with the sigh at the end. It scared the daylights out of me.

  3. That story scares all the kids at our elementary school. They think La Llorona lives in the bathroom because water is there. I can't figure out the video either.

  4. You know that story was the same one as the gal who killed her two children in SC a few years back. Except she is in jail.

    Couldn't see your video but I am scared enough!

    love, sandie

  5. Wow, that really is creepy! Especially the gasp/sigh at the end. Have you ever heard anything in your home before?

  6. Anne: you know, now that you mention it, I did hear a loud noise that woke me up one night when I was alone with the boys. It sounded like my dishes were being thrown on the floor in my kitchen. I was so scared to come out of my room but the kids were alone in their room. I managed to get to them and by that time the noise stopped. The boys were sound asleep. I walked to the kitchen, expecting a mess of broken dishes on the floor, but to my surprise there was nothing!!!! my dishes were where they were supposed to be!

  7. Thanks for letting me know the video is creepy so I won't look. I'm a real chicken with stuff like that.



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