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March 30, 2010

Family Date Night "Sing It loud"

Today I'm joining Simply Modern Mom for Project 52 Date Nights.

Our family Date Night was Saturday. We had friends over who love to sing. I made up a game years ago I call "Sing it Loud". I printed words on 81/2" by 11" paper, in a very large font, and inserted them in plastic sheet protectors and then organized them in a binder, like this:

The words were things like: house, dog, a color, a month, a City, people...etc... Also names of artists like Ricky Martin, Lady Gaga, Madonna, etc... The first person to start singing a song with the word in it (or by the artist who's name comes up) gets a poker chip. For example, if the word is dog and someone starts singing "who let the dogs out..." they would get a chip. The person with the most chips wins. If your family speaks a second language, they can sing in that language too. This is a pretty hilarious, energetic, crazy game as everyone starts shouting out a song as soon as they see the word. You'll hear at least a dozen different songs all at once for each word. I have hundreds of words in a binder and I just flip the pages. Since my family and most of my friends are bilingual in Spanish, I also included some artists and words in Spanish, so you never know what's going to come up. This is my very thick and heavy binder with words on front and back, look how thick it is.

I love the songs; New York by Frank Sinatra and New York, New York by Grand Master Flash.
When this word comes out, I usually break out with one of those two songs . But I have to be quick in order to get a chip.

I guarantee you, there will be lots of laughs. Specially when people remember only the part of the song with the word in it and nothing else, they try to convince you that they know the song. You have to have a couple of judges because it can get competitive with people claiming to have been the first to sing. Be careful of cheaters who make up songs just to get a chip, trust me, it happens. The best thing about this game that I made up is that everyone can play. It does not matter what age. Even the shyest of people will burst out with a song.
I'll look for the PDF file to my words and post it here, but I'll have to find it first, that way you won't have to go through the trouble of typing and thinking of words. Here is a picture of some friends singing Karaoke, which is what usually happens after we play "Sing it Loud" for a while.

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  1. Crazy Fun! I would be horrible because I don't remember songs at all.

  2. what a fun idea for a game with others! i'll have to try this someday. thanks for sharing and glad to see you joining project 52: date nights. i'll see you next week!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

  3. Sounds like really good fun - I bet all sorts of songs better forgotten come out!

  4. Love this idea. I plan to introduce this game at our next family reunion. Thanks for the game idea!

  5. How fun! You need to contact Milton Bradley or whoever the current game kings are now. Get this idea patented and I predict you will be independently wealthy! Wouldn't that be nice?

  6. Wow very creative date night. Great idea.

  7. What a great idea! We should do it on our last night in Rubber Stamping - I'll be the chip passer because I can't remember the songs that are now popular - but I can belt out eh 50-60-70 decades! :)

  8. Sounds like an awesome game!! I think my husband would love it - he is always singing random songs anyway; this way at least he can win while he does it! :)



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